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2018-05-16 05:23:59 <zhuyifei1999_> bd808: fwiw, toolforge has this cert
2018-05-16 05:24:03 <zhuyifei1999_>
2018-05-16 05:24:22 <zhuyifei1999_> so it's one that's trusted everywhere
2018-05-16 05:24:42 <zhuyifei1999_> I have no idea how the puppet master cert used to work
2018-05-16 08:09:40 <halfak> !log wikilabels staging wikilabels-wmflabs-deploy:6930d09
2018-05-16 08:09:41 <stashbot> Logged the message at
2018-05-16 08:56:05 <halfak> !log wikilabels deploying wikilabels-wmflabs-deploy:6930d09
2018-05-16 08:56:07 <stashbot> Logged the message at
2018-05-16 14:28:46 <Nudin_WMDE> Technical Advice IRC meeting starting in 30 minutes in channel #wikimedia-tech, hosts: @Thiemo_WMDE & @Lucas_WMDE - all questions welcome, more infos:
2018-05-16 14:38:02 <Magnus___> !help I created a new tool but "become" doesn't work. Could someone kick tool creation please?
2018-05-16 14:38:02 <wm-bot> Magnus___: If you don't get a response in 15-30 minutes, please create a phabricator task --
2018-05-16 14:38:37 <chicocvenancio> Magnus___: you probably need to log out and login again
2018-05-16 14:38:59 <Magnus___> tried login/logout
2018-05-16 14:39:04 <Magnus___> did killall
2018-05-16 14:39:09 <Magnus___> no joy
2018-05-16 14:40:57 <chicocvenancio> Magnus___: you are in the tools.genedb group, what is become telling you?
2018-05-16 14:41:48 <andrewbogott> thank you chicocvenancio, I have no idea how to troubleshoot this :)
2018-05-16 14:44:13 <Magnus___> chicocvenancio: magnus@tools-bastion-03:~$ become genedb become: no such tool 'genedb'
2018-05-16 14:44:32 <Magnus___> chicocvenancio: Also: magnus@tools-bastion-03:~$ ls -l /data/project/genedb ls: cannot access /data/project/genedb: No such file or directory
2018-05-16 14:47:02 <chicocvenancio> huh, seems somehow the folder was indeed not created
2018-05-16 14:47:09 <chicocvenancio> and become checks that...
2018-05-16 14:48:04 <chicocvenancio> andrewbogott: my guess is striker failed to create the folder for some reason
2018-05-16 14:50:03 <andrewbogott> is that something I can just create by hand? and/or maybe we should file a striker task
2018-05-16 14:50:13 <chicocvenancio> both, I think
2018-05-16 14:50:32 <Magnus___> chicocvenancio: Also don't forget the replica file ;-)
2018-05-16 14:51:06 <chicocvenancio> that's a bit more difficult
2018-05-16 14:51:13 <andrewbogott> hm, I wonder if nfs is overloaded. "/data/project# ls -ltrah" is hanging
2018-05-16 14:51:36 <chicocvenancio> lots of folders though
2018-05-16 14:55:24 <andrewbogott> ok, I created that folder
2018-05-16 14:55:32 <andrewbogott> no idea how to make the replica file though
2018-05-16 14:55:57 <Nudin_WMDE> Technical Advice IRC meeting starting in 5 minutes in channel #wikimedia-tech, hosts: @Thiemo_WMDE & @Lucas_WMDE - all questions welcome, more infos:
2018-05-16 14:56:22 <chicocvenancio> huh
2018-05-16 14:56:32 <chicocvenancio> the replica got there andrewbogott
2018-05-16 14:56:37 <chasemp> andrewbogott: there is a process on labstore1004 that does it after creating teh actual creds
2018-05-16 14:56:45 <chasemp> it probably was failing too if no folder
2018-05-16 14:56:49 <andrewbogott> oh, great
2018-05-16 14:57:58 <chicocvenancio> so Magnus___ you're probably all set
2018-05-16 14:58:09 <Magnus___> chicocvenancio: Yay, thanks!
2018-05-16 15:13:52 <halfak> !log wikilabels staging wikilabels-wmflabs-deploy:d7ddb5d
2018-05-16 15:13:53 <stashbot> Logged the message at
2018-05-16 15:14:45 <halfak> !log wikilabels deploying wikilabels-wmflabs-deploy:d7ddb5d
2018-05-16 15:14:45 <stashbot> Logged the message at
2018-05-16 15:32:49 <jynus> ^ andrewbogott
2018-05-16 15:34:07 <arturo> what's the diff?
2018-05-16 15:34:10 <andrewbogott> oh, did I forget the /topic?
2018-05-16 15:35:57 <jynus> maybe?
2018-05-16 15:41:55 <arturo> xd
2018-05-16 16:48:31 <Zoranzoki21> !help HI, I have problems with because I can not to request new work list
2018-05-16 16:48:31 <wm-bot> Zoranzoki21: If you don't get a response in 15-30 minutes, please create a phabricator task --
2018-05-16 16:50:59 <bstorm_> Zoranoki21: we did reboot that service today, but things looked ok. Are you using it for the first time, or is this something that usually works?
2018-05-16 16:51:22 <Zoranzoki21> bstorm_ No for the first time
2018-05-16 16:51:43 <bstorm_> I was able to request a work set on there
2018-05-16 16:51:50 <Zoranzoki21> for srwiki
2018-05-16 16:52:00 <bstorm_> Hmm. I haven't tried that one :)
2018-05-16 16:52:57 <bstorm_> I get an error about images
2018-05-16 16:52:58 <bstorm_> hmm
2018-05-16 16:53:09 <Zoranzoki21> same
2018-05-16 16:53:30 <Zoranzoki21> to he can not to load damaging_and_goodfalth
2018-05-16 16:53:36 <bstorm_> Same here
2018-05-16 16:53:41 <bstorm_> Exactly that error
2018-05-16 16:55:16 <bstorm_> I think creating a phabricator task is a good idea here. I can add at least myself and halfak to the task if you do and send me the number
2018-05-16 16:55:33 <bstorm_> With the form above in the help message
2018-05-16 16:55:37 <Zoranzoki21> I no know what in task should be included
2018-05-16 16:56:09 <bstorm_> I'd mention the error you are getting on the wiki labels tool. I can add notes as well
2018-05-16 16:56:36 <Zoranzoki21> Can you create task. I no know how to create task with all details which will help to problem be resolved
2018-05-16 16:58:07 <bstorm_> I can. However, if you do, you'll be subscribed to it and will get updates in email. I can add to the task and edit the description and all that, since I've seen the error.
2018-05-16 16:58:25 <bstorm_> So don't worry about it leaving out a lot of info. I can fix it up
2018-05-16 16:58:27 <Zoranzoki21> I can subscribe same if you create
2018-05-16 16:58:32 <bstorm_> Ok :)
2018-05-16 16:58:42 <Zoranzoki21> Thank you
2018-05-16 17:00:23 <bstorm_> T194840
2018-05-16 17:00:23 <stashbot> T194840: wiki-labels issues on srwiki -
2018-05-16 17:00:44 <bstorm_> There might be some re-routing of the ticket, since I'm not sure it belongs in our cloud-services queue, but that can be sorted out in time :)
2018-05-16 17:00:56 <bstorm_> I added the admin for wikilabels to the ticket
2018-05-16 17:01:03 <Zoranzoki21> Thank you very much
2018-05-16 17:01:06 <Zoranzoki21> I will now track task
2018-05-16 17:01:37 <bstorm_> You should get comfortable making those! It's a good thing for getting help during non-US hours, especially since most of my team is US.
2018-05-16 17:01:42 <bstorm_> :)
2018-05-16 17:02:05 <Zoranzoki21> bstorm_ Ok. I am from Serbia
2018-05-16 17:02:18 <bstorm_> I know that the admin for that is in Spain at the moment, so he's likely not to see the ticket until morning there
2018-05-16 17:02:25 <bstorm_> I guessed by the wiki choice
2018-05-16 17:02:28 <bstorm_> :)
2018-05-16 17:03:23 <paladox> yeh, it's 7pm there :)
2018-05-16 17:03:55 <Zoranzoki21> same
2018-05-16 17:04:01 <Zoranzoki21> 7pm and in Serbia :)
2018-05-16 17:04:36 <paladox> 1 hour behind here
2018-05-16 17:05:50 <Zoranzoki21> ok
2018-05-16 20:58:15 <zhuyifei1999_> andrewbogott, chicocvenancio: tool home dirs are supposed to be created by maintain-kubeusers IIRC. that /data/project/genedb still lacks .kube
2018-05-16 20:58:49 <zhuyifei1999_> checks maintain-kubeusers
2018-05-16 21:01:37 <zhuyifei1999_> !log tools maintain-kubeusers on stuck in infinite sleeps of 10 seconds
2018-05-16 21:02:02 <zhuyifei1999_> stashbot: hello?
2018-05-16 21:13:05 <zhuyifei1999_> !log tools installing python3-dbg temporary on tools-k8s-master-01 for T194859
2018-05-16 22:53:27 <bd808> !log tools.stashbot Checking !log function
2018-05-16 22:53:28 <stashbot> Logged the message at
2018-05-16 23:01:56 <bd808> zhuyifei1999_: I wonder if we could figure out how to get letsencrypt to make ssl certs for the toolsbeta kubernetes api? Other than than I guess we will need to dig into config and figure out how to make the self-signed puppet cert(s) trusted
2018-05-16 23:02:51 <zhuyifei1999_> would that require having the puppetmaster store the cert as secret?
2018-05-16 23:04:12 <bd808> the private part of the cert would need to be secret, yes
2018-05-16 23:04:34 <bd808> and the public part would change every 3? months as it was renewed
2018-05-16 23:05:02 <zhuyifei1999_> though, I'm not sure how widely used is the `webservice` command within the pod. like, is it worth the effort
2018-05-16 23:05:30 <bd808> oh wait... if we used letsencrypt then their signing root should already be trusted.
2018-05-16 23:05:50 <bd808> on the kubernetes side I kind of doubt it is used often
2018-05-16 23:06:19 <bd808> on the grid there are tools that make their own watchdog process using crontabs
2018-05-16 23:06:59 <bd808> I actually did not know that `webservice` worked inside a container until a couple of months ago. I don't think its documented
2018-05-16 23:07:51 <bd808> is it only running webservice from inside a container that is having problems now?
2018-05-16 23:07:53 <zhuyifei1999_> neither
2018-05-16 23:08:06 <zhuyifei1999_> I think so, yeah
2018-05-16 23:08:27 <zhuyifei1999_> running it outside the container seems fine
2018-05-16 23:08:45 <bd808> let's call that a low priority bug then :)
2018-05-16 23:08:47 <zhuyifei1999_> although curl always complains about certs being insecure when I debug
2018-05-16 23:09:30 <bd808> we should just make sure that Neha knows about it so that she does not get confused
2018-05-16 23:10:10 <zhuyifei1999_> right
2018-05-16 23:11:04 <bd808> zhuyifei1999_: thanks for all your work on the toolsbeta setup!
2018-05-16 23:11:09 <zhuyifei1999_> np

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