[00:00:02] <?php $this->text('pagetitle') ?> [00:00:19] looks good [00:00:40] change to what ever you want Foo bar [00:01:44] Why exactly did anyone think it was a good idea to parser-function-ize Badaccess-groups anyway? [00:01:59] Although, come to think of it, why isn't it a single {{plural}}-ized message to begin with? [00:02:01] all the others pades [00:02:02] Because we hate you. [00:02:03] pages [00:02:05] change [00:02:08] not main page [00:02:13] Probably because when I wrote the patch I didn't know about that, and neither did whoever committed it . . . [00:03:47] josh43: Was that image ment to run on VMware or MS VPC [00:03:59] Mariela: one second [00:04:48] ok [00:04:52] Simetrical: Or whoever committed it couldn't be bothered to tell you to fix it or fix it themselves :) [00:06:03] Mariela: I suggest you learn some basic php [00:06:06] Mariela: Change it to this [00:06:06] <?php if(substr($this->text('pagetitle'),0,9) != 'Main Page') echo $this->text('pagetitle'); ?> [00:06:21] ohh [00:06:23] that will give you a nice blank when you go to main page [00:06:56] I think at least, this is all untested [00:07:25] <?php if(substr($this->text('pagetitle'),0,9) != 'Main Page') echo $this->text('pagetitle'); else echo "default"?> <-- that will give you 'default' when you go to the main page. Enjoy. Back to KTOR [00:08:01] ? [00:10:12] Mariela: Hmm? I'm playing a game and tabbing back here every so often. That code will do what you want. The second one will let you change the text for the main page, the first just blanks it. [Again untested... so I think] [00:11:32] its fine [00:23:29] 03(NEW) Enable "What links here" on applicable special pages - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14787 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Special pages; (danny.b) [00:29:04] AWAY-Prom3th3an, http://www.vmware.com/appliances/directory/1272 is mean to be run in vmware; I suggest the free vmware server [00:29:36] 03(mod) Enable "What links here" on applicable special pages - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14787 +comment (10Simetrical+wikibugs) [00:41:41] i tried [00:41:59] josh43: I tried to import it but it says it cant find the vhd [00:42:10] i think i kno whats wrong tho :) [00:49:15] beh i want my linux box back. Can't develop on this pos winxp [00:55:19] Anyone know of some one who might help build a bot for my wiki? [00:55:28] Or where to ask to find some one who might do that? [00:56:30] YurtleTheTurtle: Google andLinux [00:56:47] I use andLinux to develop on a windows xp machine [00:56:52] You can run linux apps [00:56:58] and I can shell into a "linux box" [00:57:10] It's native also, not emulated [01:03:26] LauraHale: I'm a bot developer, what are you after? [01:04:13] http://fanhistory.com/wiki/User:FanFictionNetBot [01:04:26] I had that. And the person who wrote it for me can't do another verison. [01:04:50] Creates pages like http://fanhistory.com/wiki/Chichi1415 based on http://fanhistory.com/wiki/Template:Person [01:05:22] It basically gets information from a site and then say outputs multiple articles. [01:06:02] do you have any programming experience? [01:06:39] Nope. Nada. :( [01:06:49] Well, I have a little but it amounts to not much. [01:07:03] Cobi-Laptop: ping [01:07:07] LauraHale: one moment [01:07:17] I know enough to install python and run pywikpedia [01:07:18] no problem [01:07:28] well, a little is far better than none :P [01:09:15] Cobi: Do you still have that really simple bot framework? [01:09:16] I have done some basic html and one programming class that I failed. [01:09:51] Werdna: MWbot framework or IRC bot? [01:13:21] Cobi: MWbot [01:14:14] Werdna: [[User:ClueBot/Source]] - the wikibot.classes part. [01:14:42] 03(mod) CentralAuth global session not including wikipecies, incubator - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14407 +comment (10D.U.Thibault) [01:15:15] Cobi: I mean the real simple scripting language you did [01:16:52] Oh. [01:16:58] [[WP:CBS]] [01:17:15] LauraHale: have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:CBS [01:19:36] Not so much interested in building it myself as getting some one to help build it for me. As this isn't really simple. [01:20:12] Bot goes to page, looks for specific field, finds that does not phrase and then creates about 5 articles in response of that condition is met [01:20:34] And I have really no experience :/ and kind of not much of an interest sort of with some other admin issues. [01:20:37] Anyway, later. [01:40:22] 03(NEW) Support linking to djvu page - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14788 normal; normal; MediaWiki: Images; (snottygobble) [01:42:43] josh43: grin [01:42:45] josh43: http://www.vmware.com/appliances/directory/384 [01:42:55] josh43: im happy now :) [01:43:23] he left :( [01:50:02] CRAP... I forgot my PGP passcode for a rarely used mailbox.... t [02:21:28] 03shinjiman * r37546 10/trunk/extensions/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Localisation updates Cantonese and Chinese for extension messages [03:34:47] Hi, the search facility on wikipedia, where it populates a list below what you are typing, can I recreate that on a 1.10.1 mediawiki install? [04:04:45] 03stipe * r37547 10/branches/MetavidWiki-exp/MetavidWiki/skins/mv_embed/ (FlowPlayerDark.swf mv_flashEmbed.js): basic flowplayer javascript implemented [04:41:42] is it possible to create new user groups (so as to assign rights to them)? [04:45:14] 03shinjiman * r37548 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesZh_my.php: fix header comments [04:51:17] !userrights | Wyvernoid [04:51:17] --mwbot-- Wyvernoid: For information on customizing user access, see . For common examples of restricting access using both rights and extensions, see . [04:51:42] I've read those pages [04:52:00] they didn't say if I could create new usergroups [04:52:37] they taught me how to assign rights to existing user groups but not how to create new user groups... [04:54:47] just assign rights to a new group [04:54:48] and it will exist [04:55:17] as it says on the first page [04:55:19] "This example will create an arbitrary "ninja" group that can block users and delete pages, and whose edits are hidden by default in the recent changes log" [04:56:22] Splarka: okay, thanks [05:06:35] damn, someone broke up spelling of dates [05:12:44] http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges?uselang=fi – "11 heinäkuu 2008" *should* be "11. heinäkuuta 2008" [05:38:41] Hi, the search facility on wikipedia, where it populates a list below what you are typing, can I recreate that on a 1.10.1 mediawiki install? [05:41:38] MrHappy_: there is an old version (that sucked quite a bit and was rarely used) [05:41:56] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgAjaxSearch [05:48:29] <_wooz> lo [05:56:04] Hi guyz need a lil help my prob is pasted at http://rafb.net/p/yBXCGq21.html any help would be greatly appreciated [05:58:25] need help with mediawiki pretty urls prob posted at http://rafb.net/p/yBXCGq21.html [06:23:05] 03(mod) Draft tab does not disappear after sighting - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14561 (10tim) [06:23:53] 03mkroetzsch * r37549 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticCalendar/includes/SC_ParserFunctions.php: Citng from Parser.php: "NOT $wgArticle, $wgUser or $wgTitle. Keep them away!" ;-) [06:40:20] hey all, is there a way to ban open /anon proxies like wikipedia does? [06:42:33] manually... [06:43:01] although they have new tor blocking extension that is automatic http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:TorBlock [06:43:27] what does it do? [06:43:52] it directly accesses tor's exit node list [06:44:11] and lets you use custom access for tor users, which can be an outright ban... [06:44:42] or something less strict, like no anon edits, no account creation (account creation being sysop performed in such cases usually), longer wait periods for autoconfirmed status, etc [06:44:51] okay awesome [06:44:55] thanks so much Splarka [06:45:04] but tor is a small part of the open proxies available [06:45:08] just one of the most abuseable [06:45:13] see also: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgBlockOpenProxies [06:45:35] and: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:RudeProxyBlock to use Wikipedia's blocks as your own [06:46:24] (eg, block bulking from a \n delimited list) [07:06:06] hello everyone [07:06:09] got a question [07:06:17] what does cascading protection mean [07:07:05] i suppose it means "if A page transcludes B page, and you lock A, then B aslo gets locked" ? [07:14:42] umarsheikh: yes [07:15:12] thanks. can u tell me where the code is that really does the cascading stuff? [07:15:43] i can locate the code that protects page A, but cant find the code that protects pages included in A [07:17:23] http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki?view=rev&revision=19095 [07:17:51] it involved some rather distributed changes to the core system [07:18:09] hello [07:18:16] (and has had many changes since it was unforked back to core) [07:18:38] in the messages there is extlink_sample which allows customisation of example.com [07:18:47] many of those customisations point to advertising sites [07:18:58] should we replace them with wikimedia.org or something similar? [07:22:19] 03raymond * r37550 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesEn.php: Add the new sidebar keywords to reflect the new possibilities. No change in sequence. [07:22:57] 03(mod) PageHistory don't use limit - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14778 (10chantepie) [07:26:13] 03(mod) PageHistory don't use limit - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14778 +comment (10niklas.laxstrom) [07:46:29] anybody? [07:47:34] i can be anybody :) [07:49:04] well you already saw my question [07:49:23] Nikerabbit: Yes, it should definitely be changed. [07:50:07] but to what? [07:50:10] Actually... [07:50:15] http://example.com seems fine. [07:50:27] and all links or or just working ones? [07:50:27] Which point to advertising sites? [07:50:56] MZMcBride: about half of the customisations [07:51:12] What's an example link? [07:51:26] lazy? [07:51:32] [10:12:27] Nikerabbit> http://www.adresa.com [07:51:32] [10:12:41] Nikerabbit> http://www.sam.com [07:51:32] [10:13:08] Nikerabbit> http://www.paradeigma.com [07:51:32] [10:13:26] Nikerabbit> http://www.eksempel.no [07:52:16] Can't they use example.com? [07:52:48] MZMcBride: because everybody loves english? [07:53:03] Well, wikimedia.org only has English on it. [07:53:53] How MediaWiki:extlink_sample is used [07:53:55] example.com is the RFC standard. [07:54:12] well, either it is example.com or something else safe [07:54:49] example.org? ;) [07:55:02] wikimedia.org + example.com = example.org :) [07:55:09] heh [07:55:38] ok then, who wants to do the job? [08:34:20] 03rotem * r37551 10/trunk/extensions/SiteMatrix/SiteMatrix.i18n.php: False credits must be avoided: I made this translation, see r15640. [08:57:24] 03siebrand * r37552 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesEn.php: Use a .org RFC2606 compliant example URL [09:01:42] hi guyz having problems with redirecting from addon domain need help [09:02:06] also pretty urls have made my special tags disappear [09:02:09] need help [09:02:51] !prettyurl | node100101 [09:02:51] --mwbot-- node100101: I don't know anything about "prettyurl". [09:02:59] !prettyurls [09:02:59] --mwbot-- I don't know anything about "prettyurls". [09:03:05] !urls [09:03:05] --mwbot-- I don't know anything about "urls". You might try: !fileurl !protocols !purge !shorturl [09:03:15] !shorturl | node100101 [09:03:15] --mwbot-- node100101: To create simple URLs (such as the /wiki/PAGENAME style URLs on Wikimedia sites), follow the instructions at . There are instructions for most different webserver setups. If you have problems getting the rewrite rules to work, see !rewriteproblem [09:26:33] 03siebrand * r37553 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/ (171 files): [09:26:33] Localisation updates for extension messages from Betawiki (2008-07-11 11:00 CEST) [09:26:33] * all languages: update 'extlink_sample' to use a .org RFC2606 compliant example URL [09:26:48] philosophy of MW/WP [09:27:08] what was the driving theory behind the small number of namespaces? [09:27:29] why not, e.g., Film: and Bio:? [09:27:54] does anyone know? [09:28:08] namespaces serve special functions beyond categorization [09:28:15] indeed they do [09:28:16] the Category system serves that purpose [09:28:30] would you care to enlarge on the special functions? [09:28:40] i like to think i'm experienced but i'd like perspective [09:28:50] well... [09:28:59] ...aside from the obvious [09:29:11] lets start with 0, the main namespace, which is (usually) null [09:29:39] the theory being, mainspace pages are "public", encyclopedic articles [09:29:51] right, pretty basic, not much magic [09:30:06] and every single such topic is in mainspace -- no distinction [09:30:21] ns-0 being default for some Special pages, that are used for maintenance, and of course things like Article count (but the "content" namespaces are customizable) [09:30:32] so if two topics have the same name, they must be distinguished anyway, somehow [09:30:56] well, special, image, template, category -- all these are obvious [09:30:57] ns-1 then is the main talk namespace, it is associated with the main in the generic talk way, for magic words etc. Also it usually has subpagination enabled by default [09:31:07] well [09:31:12] some might have features that aren't so obvious [09:31:12] and i have long said that the talkspaces are the smartest thing about MW [09:31:22] 03siebrand * r37554 10/trunk/extensions/ (23 files in 23 dirs): Localisation updates for extension messages from Betawiki (2008-07-11 11:00 CEST) [09:31:35] perhaps i can learn [09:31:38] for example User namespace, pretty self-explanitory [09:31:41] but there are some quirks [09:31:47] Splarka, thanks [09:31:50] for example, to find log entries performed on users, you search by page name [09:31:51] i was away [09:32:06] actually, i have always thought that userspace was one of the most misunderstood [09:32:06] eg, if you want to see a user blog, you search for User:Username in Special:Log/block [09:32:36] also, some special cases apply, such as any subpage ending in .css or .js, protected from editing by other users who are non-sysops (default config anyway) [09:32:44] for consistency, User:Foo should be the page that describes Foo, not his personal workshop page [09:32:49] as well as the /skinname css/js subpages being automatically loaded (if enabled) [09:33:20] a handy trick.. [09:33:32] protect User:Foo as {{User:Foo/foopage.css}} [09:33:39] only they then can edit their user page [09:33:50] well, all these are good reasons for namespaces [09:33:56] User talk of course, is pretty much the same as Talk, but does new message notification [09:33:57] what is the argument *against*? [09:34:09] geez [09:34:26] perhaps the arguments are specific to the application [09:34:28] I;ve done 4 of 16, patience ^_^ [09:34:58] one might reason, a general reference work *might* demand 100 namespaces, which is impractical [09:35:06] Project: namespace is mostly only magical in that it is almost always customized (in that it is the same as the site name most of the time), and aliased to Project [09:35:29] *that* is one of my biggest beefs -- it screws up search by google [09:35:37] i rename it to Meta: on my wikis [09:35:49] Image namespace of course, is associated with files, and interesting things like transcluding pages in the image namespace do not transclude the files, and links to the image namespace perform magic (and have to be colon escaped for normal linkage) [09:35:59] there should indeed be a place to discuss the discussion but that is a metadiscussion [09:36:03] MediaWiki namespace of course, has lots of magic [09:36:30] it has default content even with no pages existing (like image namespace with shared image repository), as well as subpage translation and automatic protection [09:36:57] Template's main magic is that it is assumed for template calls, {{foo}} assumes Template:Foo (assuming no parser hooks claiming it first) [09:37:11] *that* is least interesting [09:37:13] Help... I don't think does much magic? I never used it much really [09:37:34] templates might just as well be invoked with a namespace [09:37:37] Category is much like Image, transclusions don't do anything, and normal-type linking is interrupted for special applications [09:37:41] well [09:37:44] same for Category and Image [09:37:49] let's come back to Help [09:38:06] [[Foo]] and [[Image:Foo.jpg]] and [[Category:Foo]] all do very different things, as 3 different namespaces [09:38:13] from a stingy point of view, why not have one namespace, Meta, that embraces Project and Help? [09:38:29] thanks side brand [09:38:42] wel i did try the short url method mentioned on the meta.mediaiwik [09:38:44] I don't think too many would object Xiong [09:38:45] dint quite work form [09:38:51] I never use the help namespace except on mediawiki.org [09:38:52] got some errors! [09:38:58] well [09:39:29] *Splarka shrugs [09:39:39] i am building up a new wiki and it seems perfectly reasonable to define 8 new namespaces, plus their talks [09:39:45] recreational geometry [09:39:48] sure [09:40:00] but a hundred new namespaces would probably not be as reasonable [09:40:04] so, Proof: and Axiom: are different [09:40:08] especially the pain involved in changing them around [09:40:21] Xiong: be sure to define them as content namespaces ^_^ [09:40:27] well i'm not here to make suggestions for WP [09:40:32] some other namespace magic... [09:40:42] i don't know if that's valuable... [09:40:50] each namespace gives its own class, ns--2 to ns-15 (and custom of course) [09:40:50] that flag only affects statistics [09:41:04] so far as i know [09:41:05] well, not quite [09:41:10] it does some other things IIRC [09:41:14] also, be aware [09:41:16] ? [09:41:24] Special:Random won't find your scattered content [09:41:38] Search often only searches NS-0 (by default) [09:41:43] i more or less detest randompage [09:41:57] Special:Allpages and Prefixindex can only do one NS at a time [09:42:04] same for many api functions [09:42:31] can i not set the default search array? [09:42:32] there are many reasons not to use namespaces for categorization willy-nilly [09:42:37] probably [09:42:46] but you can't prefixindex two namespaces at once [09:42:51] well, except in two tabs/windows ^_^ [09:43:08] i don't think i've ever "prefixindex"-d [09:43:11] hello [09:43:13] really? odd [09:43:16] well, I do it all the time [09:43:41] you may wish to check some big wikis on Wikia, many of them have custom namespaces for content [09:43:56] and ask them about their various experiences with them [09:44:01] Splarka, i have opened http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/phase3/includes/Article.php?r1=19095&r2=19094&pathrev=19095 [09:44:23] but can't find where it gets all transcluded pages and updates their protection [09:45:15] umarsheikh: I don't know the specifics of the operation, I just know that in r19095 it was first added, and you can trace its progress from there pretty much [09:45:29] (php spaghetticode, ow) [09:45:44] ok, thanks! [09:47:54] is Werdna around? [09:49:51] maybe [09:50:07] hey VasilievVV [09:51:28] hi Werdna [09:55:50] hello Werdna [09:56:09] can u tell me where is the code that enables cascading protection [09:56:26] various places. [09:56:38] Mostly Title.php, although there's a bit in Article.php and ProtectionForm.php [09:56:53] i had no idea it would be in title [09:57:04] which function of TItle.php? [09:57:43] so at some point it gets a list of all pages transcluded, and protects only them, or recursively protects them? [09:58:43] i mean, page A includes B includes C, so if i do cascading protection, it will protect all three? [09:59:14] If B includes C, then A includes C [10:01:14] umarsheikh: that's not really how it works. [10:01:53] It uses the pre-generated list generated by the parser. [10:02:33] i dont get it [10:02:49] Well, lists of pages included in each page are generated [10:02:49] u mean VaslieVV is wrong? [10:03:04] which means VaslieVV is right? [10:03:07] VasilievVV is right. Your understanding isn't quite right. [10:03:26] What are you trying to achieve? [10:03:59] I want to know where the code is that gets this list, and for each of the articles in the list, calls updateRestriction method of the article [10:04:18] That isn't how it works. [10:04:30] oic... then how does it work? [10:04:57] When the software checks if a page is protected, it also looks to see if that page is included in any cascade-protected pages [10:05:39] Look at line 1204 of Title.php [10:06:41] can u give me a link to the version u are looking at? [10:07:28] trunk. [10:07:49] http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/phase3/includes/Title.php?view=markup [10:07:59] search for cascadeprotectionsources [10:14:47] Werdna, line 1204: if ( $doExpensiveQueries && !$this->isCssJsSubpage() ) { [10:15:06] yep [10:16:23] so before letting anyone edit, we check protect permission, and if it is ok, we check permissions of all pages that include this page, and if none of them have the cascade option on prtection, we allow edit? [10:16:44] Well, in a manner of speaking. [10:16:56] We use a database query instead, but that's the rough idea. [10:17:15] which means that the page_restrictions table only includes protections for the page that we protect, and does not create table entries for the other pages? [10:19:46] Correct. [10:20:31] ok, thanks a lot! [10:30:28] 03siebrand * r37555 10/trunk/extensions/FlaggedRevs/language/FlaggedRevs.i18n.php: Localisation updates for extension messages from Betawiki (2008-07-11 12:26 CEST) [10:33:18] 03siebrand * r37556 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/ (21 files): [10:33:18] Localisation updates for cpre messages from Betawiki (2008-07-11 12:26 CEST) [10:33:18] * mainly consistency fixes [10:44:25] splarka:sorry, my box took a dump [10:44:53] last: prefixindex? [10:45:15] http://semeb.com/dpldemo/index.php?title=Calendar [10:45:37] can somebody help me installing this extension? [10:46:13] tried and failed a few times [10:48:41] hi guyz i have domain xyz.net i added an addon domain xyz.com to it, downloaded mediawiki extracted it to /public_html/xyz.com/ ran the config and its setup flawlessly. Nextly i wished to get the pretty URLs such that xyz.com/Main_Page is displayed(edited .htaccess file but failed as it was in /public_html folder so i moved it to /public_html/xyz.com) it then worked but the special tags i.e recentchanges tabs fail error comes up need help [10:49:48] node100101: don't put anything into the domain' [10:49:57] err, into the domains root directory [10:50:04] especially not the wiki files [10:50:10] !rewriteproblems [10:50:10] --mwbot-- 1) Try as a fail-safe method; 2) Do not put the files into the document root; 3) Do not map the pages into the document root; 4) Use different paths for real files and virtual pages; 5) Do not set a RewriteBase; 6) Put all rules into the .htaccess file in the document root. [10:50:46] yes, i have used this method with great success [10:51:06] i think it should be elevated to the "recommended method", root access or no [10:51:11] I followed this instructions http://semeb.com/dpldemo/index.php?title=DPL:Installation [10:51:39] markandhriah: stating the actual problem/error would help [10:51:49] I downloaded the Recode.zip Semeb_extensions.zip [10:51:57] you are right. [10:52:17] I followed all the steps. [10:52:18] okay sorry for acting n00bish, but since the domain is an addon one it automatically creates a folder called xyz.com in public_html [10:52:33] and i still did not get the DPL calendar [10:52:48] node100101: yes. so, create a directory called "mw" or "w" or something below that, and use that to install the wiki files [10:53:02] i installed the latest svn version of mediawiki and retrying it. [10:53:32] canonically, /w/ [10:53:37] you mean i should create a directory called /public_html/xyz.com/wiki and install it there however the .htaccess file still remains in /public_html folder tryin methods at meta.mediwiki gets me into 500 errors [10:53:47] there are places in third-party docs that assume it [10:53:53] no! [10:54:21] install to /public_html/xyz.com/w/ [10:54:31] do not install into /wiki/ [10:54:35] okay [10:54:49] markandhriah: did you also install all the templates? in any case... this looks quite complex, and quite... non-standard :) i doubt anyone here has ever used it, or anything like it. [10:55:22] i certainly don't understand it [10:55:35] DPL, that is [10:55:43] yes it is DPL [10:55:57] Xiong, node100101: well, technically, it doesn't matter if you install into w/ or wiki/ or whateveryoulike/ - the point is that you install into apath DIFFERENT from the path you want to use in the end. [10:56:03] i got the pretty urls to work after placing the .htaccess file into /public_html/xyz.com/ keepin at its orginal location /public_html/ gets me 500 errors [10:56:16] node100101: "work" is relative. [10:56:34] well the issue is that when you use the short url method, it's required that the pretty url folder be different from the "real" one [10:56:35] node100101: and yes, .htaccess (ideally) goes into the document root of your (sub)domain [10:57:02] if the real path is /wiki/, you can't use that for the pretty path [10:57:15] okay.. [10:57:31] and as i said, some third party stuff assumes the install was made into /w/ [10:57:34] why be novel? [10:58:47] sorry i am new so please be patient if u dont mind my apologies my steps henceforth would be 1.Uninstall wiki 2. extract the folder at the local host 3. upload files to xyz.com/wiki/ 4.Configure MW [10:58:48] Xiong: third party stuff that assumes something like that should be taken out and shot :P [10:58:59] correct me if i am wrong till now? [10:59:06] or placated with boxes of joss sticks [10:59:38] -- before my box took a terrible dump, splarka was arguing the case against extra namespaces [10:59:42] -- comments? [11:00:03] i don't see why extra namespaces should be bad [11:00:15] well i'm open to reason [11:00:16] except they cause confusion when importing/exporting [11:00:18] every thing went well with the installation [11:00:33] node100101: wiki/ is not a good choice. upload to w/ [11:00:38] as it did not complain after I added the line [11:00:39] my position is that my wiki is for recreational geometry [11:00:41] require_once("$IP/extensions/DynamicPageList/DynamicPageList2.php"); [11:00:48] in LocalSettings.php [11:00:54] markandhriah: so you have DPL now. fine. [11:01:03] thus, nearly any topic will span several pages and those pages are predictable [11:01:43] i'd use subpages for that [11:01:49] for instance, Puzzle:Inscribed Pentagon, Draw:Inscribed Pentagon, Proof:Inscribed Pentagon,... [11:01:56] ah yes [11:01:59] but here's the willy [11:02:16] these related pages will always be related the same way [11:02:22] 03siebrand * r37557 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/ (11 files): [11:02:22] Localisation updates for cpre messages from Betawiki [11:02:22] * mainly consistency fixes [11:02:26] okay so i upload to public_html/xyz.com/w/ and then install? one more lame question when do i create the /wiki/ folder as said earlier virtual pages go to /w/ and other to /wiki/ confused:S [11:02:36] and it will be very handy to have internal navigation within the set [11:02:55] node100101: you never create the /wiki/ folder, because it's a virtual path. [11:03:01] node100101: it only exists in urls. [11:03:02] not sure. [11:03:16] node100101: it's the *virtual* place for your *pages*, not a *real* place for your *files* [11:03:21] and {{basepagename}} will work in any namespace, so it can be used to construct the internal navigation box [11:03:27] I may have it as the wiki did not fail or complain [11:03:28] and one template will work on all pages [11:03:30] ohh ic wonderfull [11:03:33] node100101: with that in mind, read carefully [11:03:49] okay and follow the steps that have been used there?> [11:03:53] I am at step "Install Calendar Templates" [11:04:05] what does he mean by this? [11:04:18] http://semeb.com/dpldemo/index.php?title=Test_calendar [11:04:28] Copy / paste the following list of articles to Special:export and import the resulting XML text into your wiki: [11:04:34] node100101: yes. btw: keeping the "real" and the "virtual" stuff from mixing up is the reason not to use the document root directly, but to have two separate pathes, w/ an wiki/ [11:04:35] also, i believe an extension will allow me to append standard content to every page within a given namespace [11:04:52] what does he mean by the above? [11:05:00] how do I get an xml file? [11:05:07] and every, say, Axiom: page will have the same stuff on it [11:05:22] can i do all that with /subpages? [11:05:23] markandhriah: just what it says. go to special:export on that wiki, past in the list, hit export, save file. go to special:import on your wiki, upoload file. [11:05:35] !export | markandhriah [11:05:35] --mwbot-- markandhriah: To export pages from a wiki, navigate to Special:Export on the wiki, type in the names of the pages to export, and hit "export". See for an example of this form. See also: !import [11:05:51] okay wonderfull thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it shall try it rite aways thankyou also regards to Werdna thank you [11:07:53] ok. [11:08:08] let me try your first step. [11:08:15] Duesentrieb [11:08:24] markandhriah: just what it says. go to special:export on that wiki, past in the list, hit export, save file. go to special:import on your wiki, upoload file. [11:08:32] this is what I am going to try [11:08:38] i don't think i can automatically categorize /subpages [11:09:24] I am leaving the "Add pages from category: " empty [11:09:29] what if, for example, a visitor wanted to see a list of only Puzzle: pages? [11:10:01] Xiong: i donÄt think there's any way to do that anyway. there's a preload extension, but preloading is triggered by a special box&button you use for creating pages, [11:10:03] Dpldemo-20080711110927.xml was created. [11:10:04] if they are all in a real namespace, then allpages takes them right there [11:10:15] Xiong: for that, it doesn't matter if you use subpages or namespaces [11:10:25] um... i wanna say extension:headerfooter [11:10:39] maybe extension:ehf or sth? [11:10:51] uh? [11:11:24] Xiong: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CreateBox has a preload function [11:11:47] don't want preload [11:11:58] don't want the cats to be editable [11:12:01] Duesentrieb: finished importing. [11:12:02] but that would allow for automatic categorization, headers & footers [11:12:26] markandhriah: good then. if you have *all* the extensions and templates, it should work then. [11:12:36] Xiong: well, everythin is editable, it's a wiki :) [11:12:43] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension%3AHeader_Footer [11:13:06] Xiong: you can use namespaces to have a more rigid "split" between the types of pages. if you know that there will only be the tree. [11:13:13] subpages feel better to me. [11:13:20] well, rigidity is what i'm after [11:13:20] but... whatever floats you boat :) [11:13:32] in math, there is a world of difference between axiom and theorem [11:13:39] and never the twain shall meet [11:13:43] Duesentrieb: what next would be by question? [11:14:12] Xiong: actually... that's debatable. what's an axiom in on calculus may be a mere theorem in another. [11:14:33] markandhriah: next? you should be done, i think. did you install all the extensions? [11:14:39] yes. [11:14:45] as suggested. [11:14:56] I do not see a calendar on my home page. [11:15:07] that'S because you didn't put one there? [11:15:20] how should the wiki know where you want a calandar? [11:15:35] don't ask me how to use it, look at their demo code :=) [11:15:37] oh. [11:15:48] I am. [11:17:17] agreed, but my topic is recreational geometry only [11:17:44] rigor will be left at the door in favor of amusement [11:17:52] and higher math studiously avoided [11:18:34] i may fiddle with comfortable arguments, such as SAS not being a theorem, but an axiom [11:18:59] and there may be competing axioms, viz riemann space [11:19:19] but in general, this will all be stuff you can do at home with compass and straightedge [11:20:10] like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penrose_tiles ? :P [11:20:18] the title is Beyond Euclid, not Screw Euclid or Journal of the American Mathematical Association [11:20:44] i was once fascinated by penrose tiles, yes [11:20:55] but they don't really develop into all that much, imo [11:21:16] Duesentrieb: it partially works.:) [11:21:45] Xiong: naw, they are just cool :) [11:21:57] perhaps we'll have a side trip into graph theory for the seven bridges, etc. [11:22:04] my role model here is martin gardner [11:22:19] but i don't attempt his scope [11:22:28] I see a bunch of such errors ... {{#vardefine:year|{{#if:|{{#replace:{{{year}}}| [11:22:40] Xiong: you can use Prefixindex for subpages [11:22:55] [[Special:Prefixindex/Foobar/]] will show [[Foobar/baz]] etc [11:22:58] the flaw in penrose tiles, from a recreational pov, is that they must be keyed to force the tiling [11:23:06] you can even transclude it to a page, like {{Special:Prefixindex/Foobar/}} [11:23:07] simple quadrilaterals don't do it [11:23:16] i must be missing some extension. [11:24:14] well then, of what page should [[Axiom:All Right Angles are Equal]] be a subpage? [11:24:25] Xiong: anyway.... you can use namespaces if you have a very clea, very rigid devision of what "kinds" of pages you want. but you don't *have* to use namespaces that way. remember, for example, that namespaces make it harder to directly find pages. which is why disambiguations are in the main namespace on wikipedia. [11:24:48] Xiong: you may want a "hub" page in the main namespace, and the concrete pages as spinnoffs or something [11:25:03] by "directly find", i think you mean the built-in search function [11:25:07] but i'm not sure if splitting content that much is a good idea [11:25:11] no offense but i think that still sucks [11:25:14] i google [11:25:15] generally, keep stuff together until the page grows to big [11:25:18] then split as needed [11:25:22] don't over-organize [11:25:30] don't plan too much. net it grow [11:25:45] um, sorry, i don't think that works with sth like my stuff [11:25:52] let me dig up a link... [11:26:20] http://www.opentutorial.com/Construct_a_pentagon [11:26:29] Xiong: the internal search (viz lucene) is pretty bad, though it's slowly improving. but by "directly find" i mean "goessing a lin" or entering the page name and hitting "go" (which only triggers a real search if no page with the exact name is found) [11:26:35] basically, i planned all of it before making any of it [11:26:54] that generally doesn't work in a wiki [11:27:09] well, here is another point of departure, perhaps [11:27:24] i'm not really starting a wiki, so much as a blog using the wiki engine [11:27:34] i expect to create all the content [11:27:54] i'll leave editing open, primarily to comment on talk [11:27:58] consider using a different sotware, then :) [11:28:02] no no [11:28:06] MW works [11:28:11] i detest all blogware [11:28:15] well, yea, i abuse it for that too :) [11:28:20] but it *is* abuse :) [11:28:28] besides, i can't be bothered to learn anything new [11:28:31] my brain is full [11:28:34] do you know Kig, btw? [11:28:46] !kig [11:28:46] --mwbot-- I don't know anything about "kig". [11:28:50] neither do i [11:29:23] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kig [11:29:28] Whats is the Syntax for creating "Show" - "Hide" divisions ? [11:29:51] i think this may tell you sth about the way i work... [11:29:59] http://www.opentutorial.com/index.php?title=Construct_a_pentagon/proof&action=history [11:30:10] vinodhrajan: it is javascript and CSS [11:30:17] Duesentrieb: THANK YOU. [11:30:21] it works. [11:30:30] WOHO.... Me so happy [11:30:42] past 2 nights have been up [11:30:47] well maybe i will try kig when i get my linux box up [11:30:54] with very little progress. today it works [11:31:00] i use macromedia freehand when i do graphics on the box [11:31:05] Xiong: if you work along, use whatever organisation you like [11:31:18] Splarka:How to do that ? [11:31:18] navigating categories is a bit nicer than fooling with namespaces, though [11:31:30] see, i don't see that [11:31:33] i never warmed to cats [11:31:59] don't like the display, don't like the method [11:32:04] vinodhrajan : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:NavFrame [11:32:05] Xiong: Kig is cool because it really lets you do constructions. you define tangets, or circles with 3 points, or sections, etc. then you change one bit, and everything adapts. [11:32:32] well, i actually do constructions with a physical compass and straightedge [11:32:48] that'S nice, but hard to get online :) [11:33:00] for various reasons, it's often better to do it digitally for display on web [11:33:11] but i can scan actual pencilwork, too [11:33:11] hm... i saw a jave applet version of kig once. lets people place with your construction directly, on the page [11:33:23] but i can't find it now :/ [11:33:34] in fact, i think the site will impel me to do some very clean constructions, just for scan and upload [11:34:11] it has been many years since i have done compass and straightedge to book quality with pen and ink [11:34:17] and colored pencil, of course [11:35:00] one of the puzzles i have, i call the circumscribed trapezoid [11:35:30] do you know, it is much easier to solve the problem if one has first drawn the figure with classical methods? [11:35:48] i can imagine it [11:35:48] if you take the shortcut and use the box, you will get a very nice diagram but it will not guide you to the solution [11:35:57] okay guyz i have uninstalled it upload to folder /public_html/xyz/w/ rite? [11:35:58] it's actually how i was tought geometry in scule [11:36:01] school [11:36:04] (omg) [11:36:11] during the process of construction, the solution itself practically falls into your lap [11:36:22] Duesentrieb: you learned geometry at the expense of English I see [11:36:24] (me too) [11:36:37] expense of typing, anyway :) [11:36:40] A+ in all math, D/F in English [11:36:44] i was first shown this puzzle by one of my high school students [11:36:47] sometimes, my fingers have their own mind [11:36:51] i am on dial up so it would be really painfull to upload 18mb so just confirming upload directory to /public_html/xyz/w [11:36:55] her teacher had, of course, terribly botched the presentation [11:36:55] or my brain mixes english words with german spelling [11:37:19] and my student was beating her brain against the table, staring at the cheesy little figure drawn on the handout by teacher [11:37:29] trying to figure it out logically [11:37:40] i said, well, let's draw it nicely [11:37:58] i'm sorry to say my student missed the lesson entirely [11:38:14] but then, most of my students have been great disappointments [11:38:52] the circumscribed trapezoid was never a fun puzzle, to be savored and embroidered for weeks and months, as it has been for me [11:38:53] sorry to disturb again i am on dial up so it would be really painfull to upload 18mb so just confirming upload directory to /public_html/xyz/w Y/N? [11:39:17] it was an onerous burden to be spat back on the plate as quickly as possible [11:39:40] she submitted the answer on the handout with the same gesture you would you to pull the chain on the throne [11:40:01] i'm waxing poetical about geometry again [11:40:20] which tells me the site will do well, once i get past the verdammnt configurations [11:40:27] but now it's time to sleeeeeeeep [11:40:30] thank you [11:40:42] node100101: yea, should be fine. you should also be able to move stuff around on your server without having to re-upload all the time... [11:40:50] Xiong: good night [11:42:58] okay is 1.12 a better option as its known for its stability or should i go for 1.19 [11:44:00] 1.12 is the latest (with 1.13 coming out soon), 1.19 will fall out of support soon [11:44:25] stability is a matter of staying on top of minor (security) releases rather than main releases [11:44:37] i don't think there's a good reason to run 1.9 [11:48:47] I have a prob. I cut copy pasted the common.js and common.css to my Wiki website. But the Hide Show button doesn't seem to show up: see: http://www.tamilbuddhism.com/wiki/%E0%AE%9A%E0%AF%8B%E0%AE%A4%E0%AE%A9%E0%AF%88 [11:53:30] I get the following error [11:53:30] No such special page From Bleeding Jump to: navigation, search You have requested an invalid special page. A list of valid special pages can be found at Special pages. [12:10:20] wasnt not a desk thanks brother! [12:10:36] ==> [12:14:23] Hi. I'm having a problem with #if: not working in a template. [12:15:37] Are the examples in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Qif_conditionals still up to date? [12:22:55] quick question: what platfowm is mediawiki written in? [12:26:38] collaborative software tool php my sure bet [12:27:42] another silly question, is mediawiki themeable? [12:35:49] yes ofcourse [12:36:01] u add skins google mediawiki skins [12:36:52] hey how can i create printable versions of my articles? [12:37:42] print them. [12:37:48] file --> print [12:38:00] bango: in the Toolbox is a link "Printable version" [12:38:22] i mean on my own wiki [12:38:28] Just click file --> print. [12:38:33] The stylesheets take care of the rest. [12:38:49] 03yaron * r37558 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticCalendar/includes/SC_ParserFunctions.php: Fixed tabs, added language-values loading, removed support for SMW 0.7 [12:38:51] does it print only the text? [12:39:00] or the skin too? [12:39:02] 03yaron * r37559 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticCalendar/includes/SC_GlobalFunctions.php: [12:39:02] Simplified initialization, removed automatic language loading, renamed [12:39:02] scfGetEvents_1_0() to scfGetEvents() and added SMW-1.2 support, removed [12:39:02] scfGetEvents_0_7() [12:39:03] 03yaron * r37560 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticCalendar/INSTALL: New version: 0.2.6 [12:39:07] It does not print the skin. [12:39:27] bango: anything you don't want printed, give class="noprint" to [12:40:01] hmm [12:40:05] do you know wikihow.com they have got a button with printable version? [12:40:18] why don't /common/wikiprintable.css and /modern/print.css have .noprint [12:43:41] im using a gumax skin, there is no wikiprintable.css [12:58:42] hey guys, im creating a new Special: type page for a forum, is there anywhere i could get some more info on these Special type pages? [12:58:49] or am i looking in the complete wrong place and should be doing it a different way? [13:03:39] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki_Bulletin_Board [13:03:49] extension for a forum in your wiki [13:07:46] awesome.. permissions too [13:07:50] thanks :D [13:12:08] 03(mod) Enable GlobalBlocking extension - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8707 high->highest; +comment (10cometstyles) [13:12:24] *WaRpAtH hides [13:16:13] lol.. its pretty much exactly how id planned to go about it [13:16:15] even better [13:18:04] I have a page that I haven't looked at in a while. When I click on the link to it, it is a blank page: view source shows nothing. [13:18:23] what happened to it? [13:19:03] more importantly, how do I get it back? [13:20:19] ping? [13:21:08] Is #if an inbuilt part of Mediawiki or do you have to add something to get it to work? [13:26:45] is there an extension for npov? [13:29:46] Lenaud01: ...? [13:30:15] ok im not the only one lol [13:30:26] member on my site was asking for npov tags lol [13:30:32] said there for content control [13:31:01] oh, NPOV /tags/ [13:31:01] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Neutral_point_of_view [13:31:04] that's just templates [13:33:32] ok so just add templates [13:34:47] why would clicking on a page give me an empty page? [13:42:00] hi [13:42:35] i am experiencing a weird problem: when i click on "print version" and then print it, i get a very low quality printout... on any other webpage its okay [13:43:06] Hi [13:43:14] Who can help me with parser and preprocesor? [13:43:28] At some point there is DOM tree generated (of the parser article). Am I right? [13:43:29] I copied the source for the nutshell template along with mbox template and name space template from wikipedia and now when I put the nutshell command I get this ??? [13:43:30] http://rafb.net/p/b1eNvb86.html [13:43:54] on wikipedia the printout is fine, but on my own mediawiki it doesnt work [13:51:59] what table are the pages on? _text? [13:52:08] the text of the page, that is [13:52:52] or are they in files? [13:54:14] where can I find the explanation of the tables? [14:02:05] chruck: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Database_layout [14:08:03] Duesentrieb: Thanks just stumbled upon that not 5 min ago. :^) [14:16:05] what is the format of the data in the _text table, field old_text. It is a type BLOB. UTF8? [14:21:58] ? [14:22:05] ok so, yet another question: whats the best editor to use with mediawiki? [14:24:06] chruck, it is UT8 yes [14:25:05] does the _text table have the full text of the page, or just deltas? [14:29:27] chruck: full text of every rev, see http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Text_table [14:30:53] chruck: if by "deltas" you mean "diffs", I have to say that diffs are not stored in any table [14:32:36] 03rotem * r37561 10/trunk/extensions/WikimediaMessages/WikimediaMessages.i18n.php: Update for he. [14:35:06] 03(NEW) SQL error on creating a global account - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14789 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki extensions: CentralAuth; (dimitar.tsonev) [14:39:29] hi guys, does anyone know how where i need to change code in order to center images in their Image: pages? [14:40:27] well, I guess you can do that by touching the CSS [14:40:35] that is, without touching the code.. let me check [14:41:39] yup. I'm using monobook, but im not sure what file i need to search in for this part of the css [14:42:57] 03(mod) SQL error on creating a global account - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14789 +comment (10vasilvv) [14:43:53] jimmee I'll tell you in a sec [14:44:14] Hojjat: thanks mate [14:45:16] jimmee: go to http://yourwiki/MediaWiki:Common.Css [14:45:19] Common.css [14:45:53] add this and save page: div#file { text-align:center; } [14:46:15] you don't even touch a file! [14:47:25] Hojjat: wow, thanks ALOT. You have for sure saved me hours of digging in files. THANK YOU so much! [14:47:37] you're welcome [14:59:40] 03(mod) SQL error on creating a global account - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14789 (10dimitar.tsonev) [15:02:05] 03(mod) SQL error on creating a global account - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14789 (10vasilvv) [15:09:43] hi guys [15:10:04] can i made some question, i need some help [15:10:08] ? [15:12:26] well i try [15:13:19] is possibile to avoid the upload of a file when the size is above some limit directly to mediawiki without touching php.ini? [15:20:01] no one can give me an help? [15:30:25] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:%24wgMaxUploadSize [15:31:36] darkcode i used that but it just give me an alert, it still allow to upload above the limit [15:32:00] darkcode i used that but it just give me an alert, it still allow to upload above the limit [15:33:24] if the content of my wiki is guaranteed to be in English and I'm only using the API entry point, is it worth removing calls to $wgContLang from classes like WebRequest for speed? [15:33:43] John80, what's your question? [15:33:48] are you sure your not confusing $wgUploadSizeWarning with $wgMaxUploadSize John80? [15:34:11] yes darkcode [15:34:22] what version of mediawiki are you using? [15:34:25] 1.12 [15:35:27] well the page for wgMaxUploadSize says it doesn't work if your uploading from the local machine, is that what your doing? [15:36:01] no, i'm in remote, i read that page too but i don't know what's wrong [15:37:49] well maybe you need to change the setting in php.ini then since that method isn't working [15:37:59] i'm trying to solve some problems to a customer who did his site with mediawiki, and he has a list of problems, this one of the max size of files is not the main problem , can i ask you some other questions guys? [15:38:27] !ask | John80 [15:38:27] --mwbot-- John80: Don't say "I have a question", or ask "Is anyone around?" or "Can anyone help?". Just ask the question, and someone will help you if they can. Also, please read < http://workaround.org/moin/GettingHelpOnIrc > for a good explanation of getting help on IRC. [15:38:39] ok :) [15:39:27] one of his big problem is with the category... when he press the + sign nothing happen in firefox, while in ie he give javascript error [15:40:20] i read the page about the category tree extension and this kind of error is listed, but i didn't understand how to solve it [15:40:50] I use firefox and it works fine for me... [15:40:59] sounds like something is messed up there [15:41:39] http://canarybydaynet/it/index.php/Categorie this is the link of his site [15:42:58] /lastlog basse [15:43:08] whoops [15:43:14] website doesn't work for me [15:43:48] Hi [15:43:53] I'm using HttpAuth extension [15:43:57] But I have problem with loging out [15:44:05] User stay loged in after clickoing random page [15:44:11] saying to him to reinstall the extension category tree is a good advice? [15:44:15] Is there a way to do something with it? [15:44:42] might need to set "$wgUseAjax = true;" in LocalSettings.php [15:45:44] i'll say that to him...next question.. [15:47:37] he says that when he uploads an image, the function thumb doesn't work anymore, after the installation thumb works, now not anymore, the system gives error when it create the directory [15:47:41] 03(mod) SQL error on creating a global account - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14789 (10dimitar.tsonev) [15:48:36] i was thinking to some permission error, but in this case i can't explain why after installation thumb worked.. [15:49:09] hmm http://canarybyday.net/it/index.php/Categorie works, Special:Version shows that the extension has been included twice... [15:50:42] that is likely another source of problems [15:51:03] who use http basic authentication for wiki? [15:51:46] hola :-) [15:52:44] maybe your client changed the permissions after installation, or somehow including the CategoryTree extension twice is causing weird problems [15:53:41] any estimation when mediawiki 1.13.0 should get released? I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth waiting for it or if I should go for 1.12.0 instead (currently running 1.12.0 RC1 [15:54:18] dark where do you see that it has been included twice? i see one labeled as "pagine speciali" and another "hook parser", i've the same label in my local copy of mediawiki and it works fine [15:55:17] ah your right it is under two headings, my bad [15:56:18] so go with $wgUseAjax = true;, and maybe your client changed the directory permissions at some point [15:56:36] ok i'll say that to him [15:56:43] unless you changed required permissions for Apache at some point [15:57:15] his site is hosted on netsons.org, maybe they did something..i'll say to him to contact them too [15:58:21] ok another one.. [15:58:48] he has installed 5 mediawiki in that site, one per language... [15:59:06] ok [15:59:44] when an user, let's say spanish, wants to register, his registration record is inserted in the db of the spanish installation... [16:00:06] when an german register the db of the german installation is used... [16:01:00] my customer want to centralize the user registration, everybody must go in one database [16:01:36] so one german user can go in a spanish page without doing a new registration [16:01:48] is that possibile? [16:02:35] John80, I don't think so [16:02:38] !centralauth [16:02:38] --mwbot-- CentralAuth extension allows global/shared accounts between projects. For more information, see [16:02:43] It's done on Wikimedia. [16:02:48] I don't know how suitable that extension is for third parties. [16:02:49] or maybe it is possible :o [16:03:09] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Wiki_family might also be worth a read [16:04:34] ok [16:04:50] next one.. [16:05:31] he ask me if is possibile to send a convalidation email before create an user profile in the db.. [16:06:15] like a lot of forum do i suppose, you register, they send you an email and after you click on the link sent by email your registration is ok... [16:06:52] is this kind of behaviour possible on mediawiki? [16:08:00] well I'm not sure about the confirm before creation bit, but I know it could be setup to prevent the user from being able to do anything until email address has been confirmed [16:08:37] this is interesting, do you know how to do it? [16:10:00] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:%24wgGroupPermissions [16:10:21] hello [16:10:44] perfect.... i've the last one finally.. [16:11:07] basically just disable all permissions for *, user, and autoconfirmed, and enable settings for emailconfirmed [16:11:31] !r 37558 [16:11:31] --mwbot-- http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki?view=rev&revision=37558 [16:12:37] he ask me if it's possible to receive an email when some user insert an external link [16:15:59] maybe through a custom extension it could be done, but I don't know of any extension that does so [16:17:10] ok darcode [16:17:22] i thank you a lot [16:17:43] you are very kind :) thanks a lot again for your help [16:18:21] your welcome [16:20:54] Simetrical how conferable are you with SQL? [16:22:08] darkcode, quite comfortabel. [16:22:09] le. [16:22:32] ok care to ask a look at https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14786 I included a patch that changes some SQL [16:22:45] err take a look at [16:23:32] darkcode, don't include lots of unrelated changes in patches. It makes them a lot harder to review. [16:23:48] Stuff like changing tableName -> tableNameN, etc. [16:24:45] well the overall goal was to improve performance, just part of it includes changing SQL to improve performance [16:25:09] You aren't improving performance by changing whitespace. [16:25:14] You're just confusing the patch. [16:25:19] And making it more annoying to review. [16:26:01] true, but the whitespace should of been tabs to begin with to be consist [16:26:48] That's not the point. It's an unrelated issue and makes it more difficult to see what you've actually changed. Don't do it. [16:26:48] err consistent [16:26:59] If you want people to review your patches, anyway. [16:27:51] As far as I can tell, the only actual difference is that you're now counting links from namespace 8, which currently are not counted. This saves a left join, but probably doesn't make the query fast enough. [16:28:21] You do realize that mucking around with the link-construction functions and whatever has no effect on performance at all, right? The problem is that this query takes more than 15 minutes. [16:28:44] And that's because it's filesort of the page table. [16:29:35] WantedCategories is faster because it only filesorts the categories. [16:29:52] ok, well I thought it was a bit odd that it used two JOINs for the same table [16:30:04] You realize that the join conditions are different, right? [16:30:30] Oh, wait, you actually thought pg2.page_namespace != 8 is the same here as pg1.page_namespace != 8? [16:30:38] well I wanted someone else to review that bit cause I wasn't sure I understood how the JOIN works [16:30:42] how can i stop data from being cached in an extension? [16:30:46] No offense, but you need to learn more about SQL before you try optimizing SQL queries. [16:32:43] Hmm, wait, is this a filesort? [16:33:34] what's a file sort? [16:33:34] just a sort on something to big to sort in mem? [16:34:57] Yeah, filesort. [16:35:13] jeremyb_, basically, yes, but done by the database engine. It means the transaction has to stay open throughout the whole sort, etc. [16:35:31] If the sort were done by the caller it might be acceptable. [16:35:58] why would the trans have to stay open any longer than an in mem sort? [16:36:04] The basic way these queries should be improved is probably to have them run in a command-line script that has the result saved to a file unsorted and sorts them on-disk itself. [16:36:06] Hmm. [16:36:12] no I thought pg2.page_namespace != 8 was saying basically to find matches in both tables which are not in namespace 8, where pg1.page_namespace IS NULL, would cause it to eliminate anything that was found in the page table, leaving only what wasn't found [16:36:34] jeremyb_, because it has to stay open until it's explicitly closed, which can only happen after the result is returned, which can only happen after the sort is completed. [16:36:55] hrmm... k [16:37:06] and why use a transaction at all there? [16:37:15] This is InnoDB. Everything is in a transaction. [16:37:24] You have to do that to get a consistent read. [16:37:24] (i don't really know what that special page was supposed to do but i can guess) [16:37:31] and I thought other eliminations were already being done by testing the IN ( 2, 3 ) [16:37:34] oh [16:37:39] I guess you could set the isolation level to READ_UNCOMMITTED. [16:37:40] err NOT IN [16:37:44] Since you don't really care if the read is consistent. [16:38:00] 03(mod) Upgrade to the latest version of GeSHi (1.0.8) - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10967 15enhancement->minor; summary; +comment (10niklas.laxstrom) [16:38:37] Alternatively, you might be able to request the result in a raw form, close the transaction, and do the expensive bits yourself. [16:40:17] This might be acceptably fast just by deleting the join to pg2, though. [16:40:29] That appears not to use filesorting. [16:40:41] honestly think it would be better to maybe add a new column to the page_link table, like exists, and remove the need to join tables completely, reduce the need to check the page table entirely [16:40:42] Although maybe that's just because the join order is stupid? [16:40:44] Hmm. [16:40:57] darkcode, no. That would have to be maintained solely for the sake of this special page. [16:41:02] Maintaining extra columns is expensive. [16:41:12] Doing it for the sake of a single special page is usually a bad idea. [16:41:25] There are some cases where we do this, but we don't want to add more without good reason. [16:42:04] the reason would be to eliminate the expensive call to querying the page table, just for the sake of existence [16:43:02] darkcode, this is called "denormalization". Look it up. It should only be done if it's really necessary. [16:43:20] It should not be done without good reason. A single special page that could work without it anyway is not a good reason. [16:43:29] And it wouldn't even work fast. It would still have to scan all of pagelinks. [16:43:36] You're not even going to improve the query much this way. [16:44:45] but wouldn't have to ask all of pagelinks, plus scan all of pages [16:46:32] anyways the patch isn't intended to make a major improvement, just make it about as acceptable as wantedcategories is [16:46:38] It doesn't. [16:46:52] Or if it does, it's only by accident, and by changing existing functionality. [16:47:01] I'm looking at a possibly better way to do this right now. [16:48:17] and I did read up on JOIN before I tried to make a patch for it, wasn't sure I completely understood it, why I asked if you were conferable with SQL [16:48:41] any french people here? [16:49:07] Nikerabbit: maybe [16:49:22] what's the effect of this: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10959 ? [16:50:00] 03(mod) Special: WantedPages should use simpler query so it can be enabled again - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14786 +comment (10Simetrical+wikibugs) [16:50:24] 03(mod) Special: WantedPages should use simpler query so it can be enabled again - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14786 (10Simetrical+wikibugs) [16:51:07] Nikerabbit: it's like 1st [16:51:44] ialex: yes, but does anyone care and pull hairs because of it or is it just lost convention for people trying to be over correct? [16:52:31] Nikerabbit: it would be nice, but it's not really urgent [16:52:38] at least for french [17:00:45] 03ialex * r37562 10/trunk/extensions/Configure/ (CHANGELOG Configure.php Configure.settings-core.php): Removed $wgTrackLinkChanges [17:02:01] 03(mod) Special: WantedPages should use simpler query so it can be enabled again - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14786 (10Simetrical+wikibugs) [17:04:47] 03ialex * r37563 10/trunk/extensions/Configure/CHANGELOG: tweaks [17:05:13] hi guys [17:09:15] how can i make folders writeable on localhost? i use xampp [17:09:45] problem solved. [17:19:46] What would a bug for Special:Export go under? [17:20:01] duh [17:20:02] special pages [17:21:42] 03(NEW) Special:Export remove "Category:" (or local name) from text box - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14790 normal; normal; MediaWiki: Special pages; (sam) [17:28:55] Hi everyone..! I have a question, I guess it's easy to do, but I don't know how.. I want my wiki to be only accessible from people in my company. So I used wgGroupPermissions along with a white list so people can't view anything except the login/create account page unless they are signed-in. But now, I would like each new account to have my approval before being valid. How can I do so? [17:29:55] maybe make a group you put people in after being verified [17:30:37] $wgGroupPermissions['*' ]['createaccount'] = true; [17:30:44] ыуе ещ афдыу [17:30:48] set to false [17:33:27] maxsem: but then, how will people create accounts? I want them to be able to create their account, their I get an email and chose whether I approve or not.. is this possible? [17:33:45] 03yaron * r37564 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticDrilldown/specials/SD_BrowseData.php: Added setting of necessary variable [17:34:21] 03nikerabbit * r37565 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesEn.php: * Removing unused messages [17:37:33] in mediawiki how do you do a big rectangular area with colored background and text inside ? [17:37:43] like a big warning at the top of a page ? [17:37:57] 03nikerabbit * r37566 10/trunk/phase3/ (3 files in 3 dirs): [17:37:57] * (bug 12487) Rights log is not fully internationalized [17:37:57] * Use listToText for lists [17:38:02]
[17:38:23] 03(WONTFIX) Make One-Click sighting in case of multiple versions more comfortable - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14754 (10JSchulz_4587) [17:38:29] But don't use red, please. :) [17:38:34] flyingparchment: ah thanks. so i use html for that. thanks [17:38:43] yes. mediawiki accepts a lot of html [17:38:48] 03(FIXED) Rights log is not fully internationalized - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12487 +comment (10niklas.laxstrom) [17:38:53] Lady_Aleena: that's ok, it's not that critical a warning [17:39:01] flyingparchment: ok thanks [17:40:20] bjacob, just making sure. Red isn't the best color for backgrounds. Actually, none of the "bright" ones are. [17:40:42] Lady_Aleena: yes, i will use a pale color for the background [17:41:01] Bright = red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and magenta. :) [17:41:25] Now i am learning html docs to see the style options of div... trying to make it a bit bigger and with bright outline [17:42:31] bjacob, are you doing it inline or in the head of the document? [17:43:11] Lady_Aleena: i am doing it inside the document so i guess 'inline'. Don't know what "head" is [17:43:23] [17:43:27] ah [17:43:42] no i'm doing it inside the text box "Edit page" [17:43:51] Ah, so inline. [17:44:20]
is inline. Applying CSS can be done so many ways. :) [17:44:34] ok [17:44:36] Raymond_afk: is this solved or not https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5832 ? [17:44:50] just one question, where can i find some html docs of div styles ? [17:45:10] (first few google results are quite bad) [17:45:26] bjacob, how good are you a technical specs? [17:45:31] s/a/at [17:45:42] i'm a total html noob [17:46:33] Gimme a minute. [17:47:21] ah, found this: http://www.comptechdoc.org/independent/web/html/terms/html-div-tag.html [17:47:25] bjacob, try reading this http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/ [17:47:35] ok thanks [17:48:22] bjacob, it is the official specification for CSS. [17:48:47] i see -- very hard to read but probably the best source ! [17:49:51] bjacob, best to jump in to the deep end of the pool so to speak. [17:50:10] sure :) [17:52:39] bjacob, have fun. [17:53:04] sure am having, it's a big departure from c++ (fwiw it's for the wiki of a c++ library) [17:55:33] bjacob: Found this http://www.cssglossary.com/index.php/Main_Page [17:55:56] Lady_Aleena: thanks a lot [17:56:01] afk [17:56:02] 03(FIXED) table o_ids does not exist - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14776 +comment (10yaron57) [17:57:34] here is the result ! [17:57:35] http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/index.php?title=Main_Page [17:57:47] thanks a lot Lady_Aleena and flyingparchment [17:57:53] now away [17:57:59] bjacob, welcome [17:58:30] 03(mod) Draft tab does not disappear after sighting - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14561 (10JSchulz_4587) [18:00:55] that is the most aggressively confrontational signoff msg i've seen today [18:01:26] after all, that includes a considerable percentage of the visible universe [18:02:07] -- including most of himself [18:03:03] i know what i'm buying roland for xmas [18:03:29] http://www.particlezoo.net/individual_pages/shop_charmquark.html [18:08:31] 03nikerabbit * r37567 10/trunk/phase3/ (3 files in 3 dirs): * (bug 8604) padright: and similar functions fail with non-ASCII arguments [18:13:00] 03nikerabbit * r37568 10/trunk/extensions/SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi/SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi.class.php: [18:13:00] * Trim only preceeding newlines, not all whitespace [18:13:00] * Support for the new GESHI_HEADER_PRE_VALID in geshi 1.0.8 [18:13:00] * Strict Standards: Non-static method SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi::validHighlightRange() should not be called statically [18:13:53] 03(FIXED) padright: and similar functions fail with non-ASCII arguments - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8604 +comment (10niklas.laxstrom) [18:16:05] 03(mod) Special: WantedPages should use simpler query so it can be enabled again - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14786 (10darklama) [18:23:01] someone broke wfMsgHtml(), made it so it doesn't transform [18:23:10] and a few other wfMsg*() functions too [18:23:27] the one would be me [18:23:50] it used to transform in 1.12, I checked [18:24:17] the change was reverted after it revealed few misuses of it [18:24:25] of wfMsgHtml, that is [18:24:38] You keep calling them misuses. [18:24:44] They were using it as it always worked. [18:24:52] Simetrical: it didn't work, period [18:25:01] Nobody ever reported any problems. [18:25:14] Simetrical: that's because it almost worked [18:25:29] wfMsgHtml does a transform followed by HTML escape [18:25:41] As opposed to not working at all, which is what happened after your commit. [18:25:44] why do you think that's wrong? [18:25:48] it's how it's always worked [18:25:58] TimStarling: I'm not saying it's wrong [18:26:52] I'm saying that it's a mess and many think the only way to fix them is to introduce another set of functions that don't do stupid things [18:28:28] Simetrical: I think that breaking something that doesn't work is a better thing than let the bug stay hidden for years [18:28:46] Nikerabbit, you haven't specified how it "doesn't work". Everyone else seems to think it works. [18:28:48] Although it's a mess. [18:29:08] If you want to make it not a mess, introduce a new non-messy set of functions and phase them in. Don't break BC by changing how existing ones work. [18:29:20] Simetrical: yes I've been thinking that [18:29:57] Simetrical: very simple: plural and grammar didn't work, because they were using English plural and grammar [18:30:06] Hmm. [18:30:21] and because the parameters were replaced after transform, that's a another reason it didn't work [18:30:27] Well, breaking things for English as well is not the way to fix it. [18:30:39] I don't understand how any fix for that problem needs to affect English at all. [18:31:10] it doesn't, I fixed those wfMsgHtml calls [18:31:22] There were other problems that people reported. [18:31:40] Changes in behavior for the denied rights message on pages like Special:BlockIp. [18:32:02] There may be any number of extensions that rely on the old behavior. [18:32:08] well, side issues of the bad commit... which helped to find some broken messages [18:32:16] 03(FIXED) Add {{GRAMMAR}} to Polish - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11837 +comment (10tstarling) [18:32:21] which is now reverted and not going back, remember [18:32:28] You *are* changing behavior for English if you have to manually fix old function calls. [18:32:36] Yes, fine, but for the future, I'm saying that kind of thing is a bad idea. [18:33:03] I hope you didn't "fix" them by changing them to wfMsgExt [18:34:20] TimStarling: I hope I did, because it is currently the only one works as expected [18:34:33] only because you broke wfMsgHtml [18:34:35] right? [18:34:41] No, I reverted that. [18:34:51] So it should be behaving the same as it always did. [18:35:46] you reverted the wfMsgHtml -> wfMsgExt changes? [18:35:47] TimStarling: only because by broking wfMsgHtml I found things that never worked properly [18:35:51] TimStarling: of course not [18:36:04] I mean Simetrical [18:36:07] See r37376 [18:36:24] No, I reverted the change to wfMsgHtml (et al.) functionality. [18:37:25] Nikerabbit: I'm looking at 37376 [18:37:26] there is two things going on: change which broke wfMsgHtml and friends, which is now reverted [18:37:28] it looks wrong [18:37:46] why is it necessary exactly? [18:37:49] the another thing is wfMsgHtml call that never worked properly, exposed by 1), which I fixed [18:38:13] TimStarling: plural cannot work, if you replace variables after transform, or call plural for content language [18:38:42] !r 37376 [18:38:42] --mwbot-- http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki?view=rev&revision=37376 [18:39:59] and if you replace them before the transform? [18:40:06] you see, wfMsg* sucks, because none of them does those simple thing correctly, except wfMsgExt [18:40:24] that's what I did for addWikiMsg(), replace variables before the transform [18:40:35] yes, I love that function [18:40:43] it just works [18:40:48] so why can't wfMsgHtml do the same? [18:41:10] TimStarling: replace before transform? [18:41:14] yes [18:42:16] maybe if the order is escape -> replace -> transform [18:42:54] why not replace -> transform -> escape? [18:42:56] currently it is transform -> escape -> replace [18:43:13] TimStarling: because wfMsgHtml is used to pass raw html to message, that should not be escaped [18:43:28] right... [18:43:41] it escapes the message but not the arguments [18:43:43] and that leads to other problems, because people think it is short for htmlspecialchars( wfMsg() ), which it is not [18:43:53] 03(mod) Special:Export remove "Category:" (or local name) from text box - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14790 normal->15enhancement; +comment (10sam) [18:44:21] thats a fairly easy enhancement if someone wanted to fix it ;P [18:45:16] for wfMsg it is: transform (content language) -> replace [18:45:28] escape -> replace -> transform seems dangerous. [18:45:54] so.. I don't see no way to fix those functions, apart from introducing new ones that do not suck [18:45:56] Although the status quo is fairly broken, true. [18:46:50] htmlspecialchars(wfMsg()) is a bit long, but at least it's obvious what it does [18:47:11] and you can use the Xml.php functions to make it a bit shorter [18:47:37] Xml::element('div', array(), wfMsg('...')) [18:48:56] yeah [18:49:15] and that's bad too becaues some languages want to use   in those messages [18:49:30] they can use the unicode character [18:49:42] not really, firefox likes to eat those afaik [18:50:02] when submitting forms, that is [18:50:27] I sketched some code, but I don't think you will like it: http://translatewiki.net/wiki/Sandbox4 :) [18:50:42] kind of annoying if you're editing the mediawiki namespace, yes [18:51:32] you know, I think you're right ;) [18:52:11] and it doesn't even resolve the xml thing... [18:52:16] 03(mod) SQL error on creating a global account - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14789 (10dimitar.tsonev) [18:52:29] maybe there should be more ->addMsg() functions in different places [18:52:51] well, the particular case of   could get some special-case workaround [18:53:12] then there's the question of whether we want to restrict messages to plain text [18:53:20] that could help... until they want something more... [18:53:22] it might cause other problems [18:54:15] well, for buttons at least it doesn't make any sense to do anything else than no formatting + transform + some entities [18:54:18] Not *all* messages should be plain text. Possibly more should be than are. [18:54:47] I was never one of the people who crusaded for message "safety" by escaping HTML [18:55:51] throw new MWException( "Message cache not initialised\n" ); [18:55:51] \ [18:56:07] well, it is actually a natural thing to do for most places.. translator don't necessarily expect < character to be special in button texts etc [18:56:07] that's wrong, exception messages don't end with a line break [18:56:47] you are actually reviewing the code? I thought you didn't like it :) [18:56:58] we have a special interface for translators these days, maybe you've heard of it? [18:57:41] in theory HTML escaping could be done during entry [18:57:53] and then you could have a checkbox for raw HTML [18:59:18] in practice translators can't even know which messages are going to be parsed, which escaped and what random stuff the rest will go trough [18:59:19] 03(mod) Special: WantedPages should use simpler query so it can be enabled again - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14786 (10Simetrical+wikibugs) [19:00:10] that too [19:00:23] in practise there is no single message using anything that needs raw html, except customisations done in wikies [19:00:57] give or take a few, googlesearch seems to have html at least [19:02:59] two , one
, that's it [19:08:18] 03(FIXED) povray syntax file - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11167 +comment (10niklas.laxstrom) [19:13:36] 03huji * r37569 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesFa.php: Localisation updates: Adding/updating Persian translations [19:14:03] good night [19:14:13] night [19:14:24] *Nikerabbit looks for other bugs to fix [19:21:40] 03(NEW) Unique Identifier on [[MediaWiki:Readonlytext]] and WMF Error.html - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14791 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Templates; (sam) [19:21:52] 03ialex * r37570 10/trunk/extensions/Configure/ (CHANGELOG Configure.settings-ext.php): Updated extension's settings [19:24:03] 03(WONTFIX) Invalid language codes should fallback to default wiki language not English - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13010 +comment (10niklas.laxstrom) [19:29:37] 03(FIXED) Message cache cannot be accessed via action=raw - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7267 +comment (10niklas.laxstrom) [19:40:43] Is there a class that is named the same in all skins that is for link colors that can be used to create faux links? [19:41:00] 03(FIXED) checkboxes do not show properly with Internet Explorer at RTL wiki's - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3977 +comment (10huji.huji) [19:48:47] Lady_Aleena: hmm? [19:49:14] normal links are inside plainlinks class, but I do not know about others [19:49:25] 03dale * r37571 10/branches/MetavidWiki-exp/MetavidWiki/skins/mv_embed/mv_embed.js: restored show_meta_link attribute functionality [19:49:34] I want to create faux links as an example in a talk page post. [19:49:52] i think link colors are assigned to the a tag [19:49:53] Lady_Aleena, links are styled using element selectors. It needs to be an a element. [19:50:11] The thing is that it might look best if they match the users' skins. [19:50:14] but there's no way to make a "dummy" tag in articles [19:51:42] Simetrical, the problem is that if I were to actually create a link, it would "red" and not "blue." I tested just using , but it looks like that is turned off in Wikimedia software. [19:51:50] Correct. [19:51:53] There's no good way to do this. [19:53:19] I should have figured as much. Seems that I am always bumping up against "no good way"s a lot. :S [19:54:12] I guess I could just use the Example article with a pipe to the proposed page name. [20:06:37] my testing MW install has not been showing the current rev I am running under Special:Version for a while, I just see 1.13alpha instead of 1.13alpha(rev1234) [20:07:03] ideas? [20:07:52] gegema: weird, and it is directly from svn? [20:08:22] Nikerabbit: I have a folder /phase3, just did an svn update there [20:08:42] mm [20:08:53] gegema: which version of svn? [20:09:02] then did a cp -Rv phase3/* wiki/ to copy the newer files there (although I am really not convinced this is the right way to update the files) [20:09:25] well that's no good [20:09:35] it's not the right way [20:09:43] anyway, * doesn't match the hidden .svn [20:09:55] I have been asking how to do it the right way and never got answer a while ago [20:11:03] Nikerabbit: So if I have the svn files under www/phase3 and the live wiki on www/wiki, what is the right way to copy over the svn files over to the live wiki? [20:11:03] either svn up or copy settings and non-code files from old to the new installation [20:14:42] Nikerabbit: well I svn up on the phase3 install, where am having trouble is correctly getting all new files to the old install [20:15:31] gegema: do a new checkout for it, and copy the settings + images + whatother and rename the directories to correct names? [20:16:25] Nikerabbit: Is that the conventional way of doing an upgrade then? (even on a production system, say when a newer Mw version comes out)? [20:17:06] am on Rev7571 btw [20:17:14] 37571** [20:17:58] gegema: well, at least I would do so, and only do svn switch to the new stable branch when it is released [20:18:40] I don't like the copying of files and settings around, takes times to figure out what needs moving [20:19:20] other than LocalSettings and /images, what else would I need to copy from the old system then? [20:20:48] maybe that's all [20:25:05] re [20:26:15] fd [20:33:57] I wrote it yesterday, but I would like to whip up support for the idea again: http://compojoom.com/index.php/component/content/article/8/52-real-integration-with-mediawiki-jowiki.html :) [20:35:52] what is the 1.5 framework? [20:36:17] what do you mean with that question [20:36:35] the 1.5 framework is a step to the future :) [20:36:44] we have a nice MVC integration [20:36:57] I mean that by reading the text I cannot pinpoint it to anything without more context [20:37:05] and the possibility to extend everything [20:37:33] have you ever worked or developed extensions for joomla? [20:37:37] no [20:38:10] :) [20:38:28] that means that you are not interested in the idea? [20:39:20] it means that I'm not probably the person you are looking for, if that person even exists [20:40:32] I'm looking for people who have fun working with joomla and want to extend its functionality with meadiawiki :) [20:41:40] I'm afraid you need people with more than "some" idea how the mediawiki software is working [20:42:47] as I see it - we need people that know the 1.5 framework very good and are good developers [20:43:13] I know the 1.5 framework, but I'm not so good developer I wish i was :) [20:43:41] bye bye [20:57:46] mreow [21:20:46] 04(REOPENED) Add "accesskey" to "Submit review" button - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14783 +comment (10tim) [21:32:25] Hi people [21:33:17] somebody can help me please [21:33:45] i would make some change at my wiki [21:35:33] !ask | Mariela [21:35:33] --mwbot-- Mariela: Don't say "I have a question", or ask "Is anyone around?" or "Can anyone help?". Just ask the question, and someone will help you if they can. Also, please read < http://workaround.org/moin/GettingHelpOnIrc > for a good explanation of getting help on IRC. [21:35:44] sorry [21:35:51] its my second time here [21:35:52] ok [21:36:07] http://www.articlemuse.com/Selling_your_blog <--Bad [21:36:07] Needs to be : http://www.articlemuse.com/selling-your-blog <--Good [21:36:46] Spaces are represented as underscores, not hyphens. You can't change that. [21:36:55] You can allow articles with lowercase names, however. [21:36:58] !wg CapitalLinks [21:36:58] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:%24wgCapitalLinks [21:37:55] that makes titles case *sensitive* though [21:38:27] Yes, it would have to actually be named in lowercase. [21:38:57] $wgCapitalLinks [21:39:11] must i add it to my localsettings.php? [21:39:36] yes [21:39:37] !config [21:39:37] --mwbot-- All configuration is done in LocalSettings.php (near the end of the file). Editing other files means modifying the software. Default settings are not in LocalSettings.php, you can look in DefaultSettings.php. See , , , and [21:39:38] !config | Mariela [21:39:38] --mwbot-- Mariela: All configuration is done in LocalSettings.php (near the end of the file). Editing other files means modifying the software. Default settings are not in LocalSettings.php, you can look in DefaultSettings.php. See , , , and [21:39:40] Dangit. [21:39:42] :P [21:40:58] so is something like $wgCapitalLinks = true? [21:41:07] $wgCapitalLinks = true; [21:41:13] Note the semicolon. [21:41:21] at the last line? [21:41:45] Is there a feature to show the names of all contributors to a page, in small print at the bottom of the page? [21:42:44] Mariela, yes. [21:42:49] solifugus, there are extensions to do that. [21:44:03] how do I fix "No such special page" error? [21:44:04] hi [21:44:29] please help!!!! [21:44:32] markandhriah, that error indicates that the special page doesn't exist. You would have to create a special page by that name. What special page is it? [21:44:57] Also, don't say "please help!!!!" less than thirty seconds after you ask your question. Give people time to answer, please. [21:45:05] i know. [21:45:11] thats dont working [21:45:12] i was suppose to ask say [21:45:21] 10 01$wgCapitalLinks = true; [21:45:23] "please help" and then ask the question [21:45:48] Mariela, do you understand what it's supposed to do? In what way is it not working? [21:45:53] http://www.animux.net/Bleeding/index.php?title=Special:Call/create_Event%2Cprefix%3D2008-07-18%2Cnamespace%3D [21:46:15] markandhriah, there is no special page "Call" in the core software or any extension I know of. You need to find the extension that creates that special page. [21:46:26] http://www.articlemuse.com/Selling-your-blog [21:46:30] now read of this way [21:46:32] i would [21:46:35] i am trying to create a DPL calendar [21:46:37] http://semeb.com/dpldemo/index.php?title=Test_calendar [21:46:40] http://www.articlemuse.com/selling-your-blog [21:46:47] all in lower case [21:47:01] so i add [21:47:03] $wgCapitalLinks = true; [21:47:34] Mariela, first of all, true is the default value, as the documentation says. If you want to change it, it needs to be: $wgCapitalLinks = false; [21:47:41] Mariela, you'll then have to move the page to the lowercase name. [21:48:29] yes i turn to false [21:48:38] but its not working in all the pages [21:49:02] Mariela, you have to move the pages to lowercase names. [21:49:06] Mariela: the pages don't change. the names don't change. it's just that now you *can* start a page with a lower case character. [21:49:07] By clicking the "move" button. [21:49:42] do you have an example? [21:50:44] for clicking the move button? [21:51:34] ok. let me find that extension. [21:51:40] it is call [21:52:23] My main problem [21:52:26] is the capital [21:52:27] letter [21:53:09] so you mean that if must start to write /test_example instead /Test_example [21:53:13] markandhriah: *which* special page is not found? [21:53:22] Mariela: yes. [21:53:30] Mariela, yes. You can move existing pages using the "move" button at the top of the page. [21:53:36] Duesentrieb, Special:Call, apparently. [21:53:48] Mariela: you want lower case. so, write lower case. since you have set $wgCapitalLinks = false, mediawiki will no longer mess with it. [21:54:12] Simetrical: ah. never heard of that. what is it? [21:54:54] ok. I fixed that the Call [21:54:58] error [21:55:02] now it is something elese [21:55:22] There is an extension called Call [21:55:22] ok [21:56:10] I added it to the LocalSetting [21:56:11] Duesentrieb, I have no idea. [21:56:30] {{#inputbox: |type=create |buttonlabel=create |width=25 |preload=Template:Event template |titleprefix=2008-07-10_ |editintro=Event intro |break=no }} [21:56:47] i am suppose to see an inputbox here. [21:56:50] i do not see it. [21:57:08] markandhriah: if i may guess: you are missing the inputbox extension [21:57:25] ok. [21:57:32] let me find that extension [21:57:42] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Inputbox [21:57:51] (I guess that's the right one. never used it) [21:58:18] markandhriah: what you are doing must be the mast difficult way to make a calendar imaginable :) [21:59:20] have you looked at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Category:Calendar_extensions ? [22:00:04] and at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Category:Calendar_widget_extensions [22:03:25] is a robot.txt at my media wiki installation? [22:03:48] Mariela, MediaWiki does not attempt to create robots.txt automatically. [22:04:09] It's rather error-prone, since it's usually not installed in the web root and you might want to maintain it manually. [22:04:30] im trying to follow it [22:04:32] http://www.taommo.com/archives/2007/05/23/mediawiki-sites-and-seo-optimization/ [22:04:52] so there say that i must add some lines to my robot.txt [22:05:00] so thats mean that must i create it? [22:05:45] my mediawiki is at the root/w folder [22:06:54] Nikerabbit: as far as I see bug 5832 is not fixed. only 'UTC' can be localized [22:07:23] hello - i have problem witch my mediawiki instalation, on FF ad IE its ok, but in opera all text is center aligned (skin modern as default) [22:07:29] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:DschosCalendar [22:07:36] i like this calendar [22:07:42] how come i did not see this [22:07:46] Simetrical [22:08:29] Mariela, yes, you need to create robots.txt if you want one. [22:08:49] A_Bach, best to talk to flyingparchment if you have a problem with Modern. [22:09:49] flyingparchment says: file bugs [22:10:38] now i just see the html for the form [22:10:55] instead of the form [22:11:01] with input button. [22:12:15] flyingparchment: A_Bach ask, witch file [22:12:54] Need to add the ability to include meta-descriptions in the head tags. Not meta-keywords...meta-descriptions [22:12:59] how can i do that? [22:13:34] if i surf to mediawiki/config/index.php5 I get an 403, what could be the problem? [22:13:58] Carsten|nooB: it means your directory permissions are set incorrectly [22:15:11] Need to add the ability to include meta-descriptions in the head tags. Not meta-keywords...meta-descriptions [22:15:17] how can i do that? [22:15:18] the /config directory should be readable by everyone and writable by the webserver [22:15:35] 03(NEW) Using ref inside formatnums causes parser error - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14792 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki extensions: Cite; (lunasantin) [22:15:38] Mariela: uh... probably with an extension [22:16:03] wich one [22:16:12] no idea [22:16:22] google it :) [22:16:23] Ooh, nifty: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2008Jul/0138.html [22:16:37] simetrical [22:16:41] do you have a clue? [22:18:52] Mariela, you need an extension. I don't know which one. [22:19:37] flyingparchment: ok. it was my opera ... on another comp its ok.. sory [22:19:45] Hmmm, I can access mediawiki/config/index.php , but if I try to access the config/index.php5 I get the error message! [22:20:25] people [22:20:39] really there is not way to change the hypens to underscore? [22:20:54] sorry [22:20:56] lowercase [22:21:14] really there is not way to change the hypens to underscore? [22:21:46] Mariela, not unless you want to move the page to a name like "selling-your-blog" instead of "selling your blog". [22:21:50] Duesentrieb: can you please with the form not showing? it just shows up as html and doesnot resolve it [22:21:50] Mariela: huh? what hypens? [22:21:53] Spaces are converted to underscores, not hyphens. [22:22:22] <[reed]> I'm looking for a machine-parseable way of getting the latest MediaWiki version. Is there any RSS/Atom/XML/etc. way of getting the most recent release? [22:22:28] http://microformats.org/wiki/mediawiki-customization [22:22:33] how the made it? [22:22:38] how they made it? [22:22:43] markandhriah: i'll have a quick look, but i'll go to bed soon, and what you are trying to do strikes me as overly complex anyhow. [22:22:48] [reed], you mean downloading the latest version of the software? Or what? [22:23:11] Mariela: ask them. maybe a url rewrite rule or something.- [22:23:15] Mariela, hmm. Okay, I'll admit, it's probably possible. [22:23:24] <[reed]> Simetrical: I'm just looking for the version number... writing a small tool that checks various apps I support to see what their latest version is to see if I need to upgrade them. [22:23:30] everything is *possible* with enough hackery. [22:23:32] Simetrical: Duesentrieb the strange thing is it is the correct html [22:23:35] But there's probably not a great reason for you to do it, either. If you want to inquire of them how they did it, go ahead. [22:23:41] 03siebrand * r37572 10/trunk/phase3/ (128 files in 2 dirs): Process r37565. Remove obsolete messages. [22:23:42] dont be rude [22:23:45] it just does not translate. [22:23:47] markandhriah: that's not strange. anyway. link? [22:24:00] http://www.animux.net/Bleeding/index.php/Special:Call/create_Event%2Cprefix%3D2008-07-10%2Cnamespace%3D [22:24:08] Duesentrieb: thank you [22:24:10] markandhriah: "not translated" would mean the browser would interpret it. which apparently doesn't. so it is *escaped*. [22:24:20] Mariela, please realize that we're the ones giving help voluntarily, and you're imposing on our generosity. If you would like our continued help, you're the one who should be careful to be courteous. [22:24:28] <[reed]> Simetrical: but I suppose if there was a mediawiki-latest tarball I could grab, I could unpack it and look for the version number... [22:24:46] if you check the link [22:24:53] that i sent. [22:24:54] [reed], oh, you just want some site that has the latest version in some machine-parseable format? Well, you could just check Wikipedia. That always runs more or less the latest version. [22:25:16] markandhriah: oh, on a special page? well... err. it means that extension is broken. and the html is not correct, even if it was inserted in the right way. it should not start with . it'S only a snippet, after all, to be embedded in a full page. [22:25:30] Im courteous [22:25:31] sorry [22:25:31] markandhriah: whatever that extension is doing, it'S doing it.... wrong. [22:25:35] <[reed]> Simetrical: that's usually running a dev version, though [22:25:38] <[reed]> I only want release versions [22:25:39] The version is in, for instance, the meta generator tag on every page. [22:25:54] ok. [22:25:58] [reed], well, yes, but it's always running the alpha of the next release version. So you can subtract one from the number and it will be pretty reliable. [22:26:00] it is the input box [22:26:04] extension [22:26:14] Of course this isn't like a planned, systematic thing, so it's not guaranteed to work indefinitely. [22:26:29] [reed]: there's a template on mediawiki.org that holds the latest stable version [22:26:35] You might want to just subscribe to mediawiki-announce-l. It has a post for every new version released, and nothing else. [22:27:01] <[reed]> Simetrical: sure, I'm on that list. still wanting a machine way to do it [22:27:05] <[reed]> Duesentrieb: hmm [22:27:08] <[reed]> Duesentrieb: that might work [22:27:45] could it be, that my webhoster does not allow php5 files? [22:27:46] <[reed]> Duesentrieb: how do I show only that template and in its raw form? [22:27:46] it is the inputbox that is creating the html [22:28:35] [reed]: http://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Template:MW_stable_release_number&action=raw [22:28:47] Carsten|nooB: it could. [22:28:56] <[reed]> Duesentrieb: awesome! [22:29:00] <[reed]> Duesentrieb: exactly what I wanted [22:29:02] markandhriah: huh? on a special page?... [22:29:04] <[reed]> thanks! [22:29:21] Simetrical [22:29:24] markandhriah: again: the html is wrong *and* it's inserted in the wrong way [22:29:36] question: Extension:InstantCommons - it works? [22:29:37] that is, that extension is broken and/or incompatible [22:29:44] ok. [22:29:46] A_Bach: no [22:30:00] A_Bach: An alternative is being developed but it isn't polished and ready for use. [22:30:17] !instantcommons [22:30:17] --mwbot-- InstantCommons is a proposed feature for MediaWiki to allow any MediaWiki installation to use media on the Wikimedia Commons. However, several issues (some legal) need to be worked out, and it is only a proposal. See < http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/InstantCommons >. [22:30:24] Sat Jul 12 00:13:06 2008] [error] [client] file permissions deny server execution: /is/htdocs/31337/www.xxx.de/mediawiki/config/index.php5 [22:30:30] let me read through the code and try to see how I can fix it [22:30:35] thank you for you help [22:30:38] and is there any other way to do somethin like ths? [22:30:41] Simetrical [22:30:43] Duesentrieb: instant commons is effectively abandoned, replaced by the API thing brion has been developing. [22:30:46] Mariela, yes? [22:30:50] Thanks for your help...really i appreciate it... [22:30:59] Carsten|nooB: sounds like a file permission / ACL problem. ask your hosting service [22:31:01] A_Bach: There is, but it is still under development. [22:31:07] Duesentrieb: thank you [22:31:13] for your help [22:31:13] MinuteElectron: yea, but the legal issues explained on that page still hold. [22:31:20] Thank you Again [22:31:35] :-* [22:31:43] Duesentrieb [22:32:00] Duesentrieb: true [22:32:31] Duesentrieb, sorry, it is hosteurope. from your name i assume, that youre from Germany, perhaps you know whether hosteurope allows .php5 files? [22:32:39] A_Bach: And as Duesentrieb kindly pointed out, there are a number of legal issues with using it - at least in its current incarnation. [22:33:25] Carsten|nooB: i have not the faintest idea. [22:33:46] Carsten|nooB: i didn't even know that existed. [22:34:07] Carsten|nooB, if the .php files work, why do you care about .php5? [22:34:31] Simetrical [22:35:17] Simetrical: sorry i am using a new IRC client. return behaves differently. I thought that i need .php5 files for mediawiki? [22:35:35] No, if the .php files work you do not. [22:35:36] !CentralNotice [22:35:36] --mwbot-- I don't know anything about "centralnotice". [22:35:38] no. you need php5 for mediawiki. [22:36:01] the php5 fiels are just aliases for the php files. in case the php iles are maped to php4. which would not work. [22:36:02] Carsten|nooB: If the .php files work fine you can ignore the .php5 files. [22:36:20] !ex CentralNotice | MostafaDaneshvar [22:36:20] --mwbot-- MostafaDaneshvar: I don't know anything about "ex". You might try: !actions !bizzwiki !boilerplate !bundels !centralauth !dpl !e !editbuttons !extensionmatrix !extranamespace !feeds !filetype !interwiki !ldap !moderation !parserfunctions !renameuser !sidebarex !threads !userapproval [22:36:25] huh? [22:36:26] or delete them, even; but that is probably a waste of time. [22:36:28] Duesentrieb: e [22:36:33] !ext CentralNotice | MostafaDaneshvar [22:36:33] --mwbot-- MostafaDaneshvar: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CentralNotice [22:36:37] MinuteElectron: t :) [22:36:38] !e CentralNotice | MostafaDaneshvar [22:36:38] --mwbot-- MostafaDaneshvar: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CentralNotice [22:36:45] other people who knows how to change the underscores to hypens? [22:37:05] Mariela: That isn't really possible without changing lots and lots of the code. [22:37:16] Mariela: Why do you want to? [22:37:16] MinuteElectron: it is, using mod_rewrite [22:37:23] just rewrite all hyphens to underscores. [22:37:30] and hope that doesn't break anything critical [22:37:34] MinuteElectron: and what about $wgRepositoryBaseUrl and $wgFetchCommonsDescriptions ? [22:37:40] Duesentrieb, you'd also have to change the links, I guess? [22:37:53] There is no info there [22:37:55] Simetrical: why? [22:37:56] for the seo [22:37:57] oh god. i think. oh god. the index.php tells me that php 5.0.0 is requiered. i guess. i FEAR that hosteurope does not support PHP5.... if that is the case, i will cancel my contract [22:37:57] A_Bach: That is for using a local shared image repository, not an external one. [22:38:03] Duesentrieb, well, you don't have to if you don't want to, I guess. [22:38:05] is better - instead _ [22:38:08] well, rewriting would make the hypens *also* work [22:38:12] Mariela, search engines do not care about the difference between - and _. [22:38:13] it would not truly *replace* them [22:38:14] Seriously. [22:38:15] Carsten|nooB: It is best to check if they do before signing up. [22:38:16] I promise you. [22:38:18] that would require a LOT of changes [22:38:30] Mariela, you notice that Wikipedia is like the best-ranked site ever, and it uses underscore? [22:38:32] underscores? [22:38:42] yes i know [22:38:58] I need some info about CentralNotice [22:39:07] I suggest you throw out whatever self-important trash you're reading. MediaWiki has perfectly good SEO out of the box. You just need to add a few things like a good robots.txt. [22:39:11] MinuteElectron, i have this webspace since 2001. I guess php5 didnt exist back then :) [22:39:15] MostafaDaneshvar: You were given a link, please just ask your question. [22:39:23] Carsten|nooB: Ahh, I see. :P [22:39:23] Anything that says hyphens are better than underscores for SEO should not be read. [22:39:32] Oh, you might want to generate site maps, too, a few things like that. [22:40:07] RewriteEngine On [22:40:08] RewriteRule ^[^:]*\. - [L] [22:40:08] RewriteRule ^[^:]*\/ - [L] [22:40:08] RewriteRule ^/*$ /w/index.php?title=Main_Page [L,QSA] [22:40:08] RewriteRule ^(.+)$ /w/index.php?title=$1 [L,QSA] [22:40:15] !pastebing | Mariela [22:40:15] --mwbot-- Mariela: I don't know anything about "pastebing". [22:40:17] thats i found at my .htacess [22:40:19] !pastebin | Mariela [22:40:19] --mwbot-- Mariela: Please do not paste more than 2-3 lines of text into the channel as it disrupts the flow of conversation. Instead please use a pastebin such as and post a link to your paste in the channel. [22:40:32] MinuteElectron:O.O [22:40:37] sorry [22:40:43] MostafaDaneshvar: What? [22:40:47] i wont make it anymore [22:41:20] ok [22:42:10] is there any way to use graphics from commons in local wiki using [[Image (or [[Grafika in polish), or using any other way ? [22:42:29] A_Bach: What version of MediaWiki? [22:42:39] 1.12 [22:42:45] im lost [22:42:53] A_Bach: No, there isn't. At least not without developing your own extension. [22:43:22] MinuteElectron: so why you ask about version? :) [22:43:46] BLAHRG!MEIN LEBEN! phpinfo says : PHP Version 4.4.7 ... i am screwed [22:44:25] MinuteElectron: o.O [22:44:53] A_Bach: because in the trunk code branch there is a thing like that under development, that might work - and will be released in a couple of weeks (although won't be fully complete). [22:45:15] blah [22:45:19] A_Bach: ^_^ Your best option; Make a good commons template, and enable Upload by url [22:45:48] MostafaDaneshvar: Please just ask your question or be quiet, thanks. [22:45:49] Carsten|nooB: ASK if and how you can use php5. if they ONLY have php4, i would demand a refund. seriously. [22:46:34] php4 has reached end of life... other than a few important security fixes it's not being maintained anymore [22:46:54] Dantman: its not that.. upload is simple .. i just want to use graphics from commons on local wiki [22:46:56] Dantman: Still nearly a month to go! [22:46:56] :/ All these hosts that don't upgrade are annoying [22:46:57] Duesentrieb, i aleardy found out. if I want to use php5, i have to chmod my files to 755, because php5 works via cgi not via apache module [22:47:19] s/to go/of support [22:47:22] Carsten|nooB, don't use it, then. [22:47:32] Carsten|nooB, you don't want to use CGI if you can avoid it. It's slow. [22:47:45] Assuming that .php works. [22:47:57] Simetrical, .php goes to PHP5 :( [22:48:06] Carsten|nooB, you want PHP5, yeah . . . [22:48:10] i meant PHP4 [22:48:10] CGI or FastCGI? there's a strong difference between the two. [22:48:14] Carsten|nooB: that sounds a bit odd.... because it's the apache module that requires 755. for cgi you need that only of they are not using suphp. otherwise, 750 should be enough [22:48:21] Oh. Then you need .php5, yes. [22:48:27] you know, having files with your db password world-readable is not *such* a good idea [22:48:36] Dantman, CGI (not FastCGI) is often used by hosts to phase in PHP5 support. [22:48:53] bleh [22:49:08] but the point is, how can i change them to 750? i cant telnet or ssh or anything to that server? [22:49:09] Duesentrieb: Only the web entry points would need to be 755. [22:49:15] Dantman: php can be used via fastcgi... how? isn't that what river is currently developing (i.e. the switchboard project)? [22:49:26] i only have FTP, can FTP chmpod? [22:49:27] MinuteElectron: meh? [22:49:31] o [22:49:32] k [22:49:33] MinuteElectron: you can't tell me what to do. please be polite [22:49:43] actually, i'm not even sue if oho scripts exer need the executable bit [22:49:54] Carsten|nooB: yes. [22:50:05] Carsten|nooB: the question is if your ftp *client* can :) [22:50:26] Duesentrieb: Whatchadtalkingabout? PHP has FastCGI built in... I have 3 instances reverse proxy load balanced through NGINX with God keeping them alive [22:51:01] MostafaDaneshvar: Your disrupting the channel and being generally annoying, I'd just appreciate it if you stopped doing that. One could say you are being impolite by addressing the same emoticon to me without any content multiple times. [22:51:03] Dantman: i must be confused then :) [22:51:34] Dantman, PHP doesn't "have FastCGI built in". It can be used with FastCGI, however, yes. [22:51:43] I'm using FastCGI too for my site. [22:51:55] It's really the only thing you can use with non-Apache servers like lighttpd or nginx. [22:52:00] Duesentrieb: ^_^ Yup... if PHP had no FastCGI, then http://wiki-tools.com/edit/WikiVid would be a 503 permanently ;) [22:52:13] I've been meaning to ask flyingparchment what exactly switchboard does, compared to what lighttpd or whatever does by itself. [22:52:55] Simetrical: I refer to it as built-in cause from what I remember actual FastCGI is different, FastCGI itself is normally an external program, but FastCGI for php is something that's part of the software [22:52:59] Simetrical: The toolserver uses apache, so I presume that lighttpd feature wouldn't be available on it. [22:53:08] MinuteElectron, Apache can use mod_fastcgi as well. [22:53:13] I see... [22:55:58] bye [22:56:39] okay, so i have to change EVERY php5 file in /mediawiki and its subdirectory to 755? (btw. filezilla can change the file attributes,...) [22:57:28] yes. [22:57:31] there should not be many [23:00:20] 03(NEW) Addition of en:Wikipedia:Changing_username to robots.txt - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14793 trivial; normal; Wikimedia: Site requests; (MZMcBride) [23:02:35] is there a list of files / folders that can be deleted on the webserver? [23:06:44] {{{prefix}}} do you know what this is for Duesentrieb [23:07:13] 03daniel * r37573 10/trunk/extensions/CategoryTree/ (CategoryTree.i18n.php CategoryTreeFunctions.php): make member count display customizable via system messages [23:07:18] Simetrical: mod_fastcgi has weak process management and doesn't support per-user suexec (only per-vhost) [23:07:44] actually, mod_fastcgi is not very good at all, from what i've seen so far... it's hard to make it work well with switchboard (SJS web server is fine) [23:10:07] ah yea, combining fastcgi with suexec was the thing... [23:10:20] after i have installed mediawiki, can i remove the write access to my ./config folder? [23:10:30] yeah, that's the main reason i wrote it. but i'll probably add some process management (like limiting # of processes per user) as well [23:11:01] Carsten|nooB: yes. [23:12:47] great. my problems wont stop. "Move the config/LocalSettings.php file to the parent directory, then....". There is no LocalSettings.php :( [23:14:28] disregard that. filezilla has a spooky way of caching directories [23:18:41] can you tell me where the templates stored? [23:18:54] 03daniel * r37574 10/trunk/extensions/CategoryTree/ (4 files): adding option for expandable category-bar. not fully functional until skin refactoring is merged in. Just dont use $wgCategoryTreeHijackPageCategories until then. [23:21:16] markandhriah: where all templates are stored. in the template namespace [23:21:18] !templates [23:21:18] --mwbot-- For more information about templates, see . The most common issues with templates copied from Wikipedia can be fixed by installing ParserFunctions and enabling HTML Tidy . [23:32:18] 03(mod) Addition of en:Wikipedia:Changing_username to robots.txt - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14793 (10danny.b) [23:32:23] 03(mod) robots.txt (tracking) - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14720 (10danny.b) [23:40:44] hi [23:41:19] in http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Parameters_to_index.php#Raw ... what is the "primary script access point" ? [23:41:42] index.php [23:42:30] then I don't understand the paragraph... What would be the others ways ? (see the link) [23:46:31] /wiki/The_article?action=raw [23:48:10] there is 301 redirect that works at mediawiki? [23:48:22] http://www.articlemuse.com/Blog_Advertising [23:48:23] http://www.articlemuse.com/Blog_advertising [23:48:46] both urls should go to the same page [23:48:58] but the first with capital letters dont work [23:50:55] Becasue they shouldn't go to the same page [23:50:59] A != a [23:51:08] flyingparchment : thanks, but why write that ? Any action can be passed like that. [23:51:14] no it can't [23:51:14] Yurtle Hi [23:51:19] action=raw can only be accessed via index.php [23:51:20] and why it is dangerous ? [23:52:00] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Case_sensitivity [23:53:09] Mariela: This one is better http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Page_name#Case-sensitivity [23:53:53] "any" in the sense "in not case an action can be passed like that" [23:54:43] *no [23:55:37] do you think it will draw more or less scrutinity to have a truecrypt container named KinkyPorn.mpg? [23:55:56] Yurtle [23:56:03] Mariela: Aye [23:56:17] should i add some code to localsettings? [23:57:09] you could... but it you would not fix your previous pages. In fact it would break them [23:57:30] you would need to start reimporting everything and it may force everything to lowercase so its illadvised [23:57:31] so what i must to do [23:57:51] sombody more knowledgable may be able to give you a config setting to change. [23:58:42] $_REQUEST['title'] = strtolower($_REQUEST['title']); will in essence make mediawiki think every title is lowercase. [23:58:46] fo example [23:58:49] [6:59:01 PM] Guillermo Valle says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_monkey_theorem [23:58:49] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_Monkey_Theorem [23:58:55] 03(NEW) Add RSS with all items - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14794 15enhancement; normal; Wikimedia: Downloads; (danny.b) [23:58:56] both have the same [23:59:17] its a redirect [23:59:30] see when you to to Monkey The... it says (Redirected from Infinite Monkey Theorem) [23:59:49] you make a redirect by putting the first line in the article "#REDIRECT [[article name]]" no quotes