[00:00:10] like, paste in code in ExpandTemplates, and it would expand into two or three side-by-side views [00:00:27] one with the raw, one with the finished, and you'd mouse over the raw to see the corresponding finished bit, and vice versa [00:00:58] someting made him stop though, something about seeing the face of oblivion or something [00:03:23] http://static.grupthink.com/answer/d/ddc9f55d80a51e2db8d40c7a6a6fea65 staring into the face of the parser [00:08:15] 03rainman * r48153 10/branches/lucene-search-2.1/ (build.xml src/org/wikimedia/lsearch/search/UpdateThread.java): Minor changes for the upcoming release snapshot. [00:25:47] 03(NEW) Show what user's sig looks like on preferences page - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17851 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki: User preferences; (spidermannequin) [00:30:16] Has anyone used the extension "Directory Manager?" [00:32:18] 14(WFM) More PST magic, e.g. editor username - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12733 +comment (10redwwjd) [01:18:49] Does MW have a blame feature? [01:19:49] wasn't really ever feasable with the way it always stored complete revisions instead of differences [01:19:52] Has anyone used the extension "Directory Manager?" I keep getting "/" for the directories, [01:20:20] but the devs are working on storing revisions in a way that will make a blame feature some low hanging fruit [01:21:34] there are also some tools, of course [01:21:59] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Annotation [01:22:09] http://wikipedia.ramselehof.de/wikiblame.php [01:22:12] or knows of a better directory lister extension. [01:22:39] Thanks Splarka. [01:26:20] or anyone that can at least give me a damn answer [01:27:41] CynMod: never heard of that extension [01:28:55] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:DirectoryManager [01:31:12] why would you want that? [01:31:51] Because I want a page that will list folders/files in a given directory and if they click on a file it will allow them to download it. [01:32:14] That's the closest thing I can find to getting that even tho its not 100% what im looking for. [01:34:01] If I knew how to make one myself I would. [01:38:55] Is there anyone that's good with mods that will help me make one? [01:39:21] 03(NEW) API thows internal error: Empty $wgTitle in OutputPage::parse - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17852 normal; Normal; MediaWiki: API; (cbm) [01:51:08] 03(mod) API thows internal error: Empty $wgTitle in OutputPage::parse - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17852 (10herd) [02:05:21] 03(mod) API thows internal error: Empty $wgTitle in OutputPage::parse - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17852 (10cbm) [02:36:42] I am trying to figure out what's going on with the login throttle, but I can't see anything in the code at fault [02:37:17] is there anything odd that happens with the delete() call to memcached? Like, is it necessary to check the return value? [02:57:38] Does anyone know why I am getting the error 'No input file specified.' after installing mediawiki? [03:00:37] what page are you trying to load when you get that? [03:01:06] The main page, I just set it up [03:01:45] you were able to run config.php successfully? [03:01:50] Yes [03:02:27] Where do you get the error message? [03:02:33] On which page? [03:02:43] that error message means that the web server is not configured quite right. do you have some sort of rewrite rules, or a nonstandard web server configuration? [03:03:26] I did have to set new permissions for the config folder [03:03:45] can you load index.php directly? [03:03:53] let me see [03:07:40] did you move the localsettings file like it asked? [03:08:15] Yeah, hold on, my ssh is a bit slow [03:17:45] Meh, not working, can't view it [03:27:29] Are there any programs that will allow for rapid modification of a mediawiki install? Like allow for quick editing and category modification? [03:27:51] That deal directly with the database instead of the site? [03:27:54] porter1: what exactly do you mean? [03:28:08] what is it you want to do [03:29:15] Well, I'm trying to figure out a faster way of setting up a category tree, and setting pages to categories as well. [03:29:45] And basically mass-change pages from one category to another [03:31:53] Otherwise, with lots of pages, changing over categories is time-consuming [03:33:04] Res2216firestar: it's a webserver config issue [03:33:16] Ya, I'm working it out [03:33:35] porter1: the easiest thing is to use a "bot" library to make a script to do the editing automatically [03:34:15] it is theoretically possible to make a script that directly accesses the database; you could try to adapt one of the scripts in the maintenance/ directory. but that would not be a trivial task [03:34:36] Where do we go to find wiki-specific bots? [03:35:28] Just write one in perl using Mediawiki::Bot? [03:35:56] !pywikipedia | porter1 [03:35:56] --mwbot-- porter1: pywikipediabot is a bot framework written in Python that allows for easier automated actions on a wiki. For more information, see . [03:35:58] yes. there is a python framework that is pretty popular, several perl ones, and others as well [03:36:11] !bot | porter1 [03:36:11] --mwbot-- porter1: A bot is an automatic processes which interacts with MediaWiki as though they were human editors designed to make easier automated actions which are arbitrary to make manually. For an overview how to create a bot and a list of known frameworks can be found on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Creating_a_bot [03:36:12] Ah, thanks [03:36:29] I'm pretty familiar with python, so I might try both [03:39:25] someone should make a lolcode bot >.> [03:39:30] :) [03:57:37] Will someone help me make an extension? [04:03:49] Woot! pywikipedia works great [04:06:31] Anyone at all? Its not like im asking for a lung. [04:06:49] It's Saturday night. [04:07:01] Which means? [04:07:37] CynMod, maybe be more specific? [04:08:37] Type a command in a page like Dir:files and each file and folder is listed on that page. Click the file you download it. click the folder it opens that folder to list the files and folders within. [04:10:53] Is it too hard to do? [04:11:26] !matrix [04:11:26] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension_Matrix [04:11:54] There is no extension that does what im looking for. [04:11:54] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:DirList ? [04:12:17] its not in english [04:12:49] and it don't support clicking the files or the folders. its only a list. [04:13:40] directory manager sort of works but not fully. it has bugs and little instruction. [04:15:31] It will have to be made and that's something I don't know how to do. [04:19:07] So will anyone help me? [04:19:25] 03erik * r48154 10/trunk/tools/planet/en/config.ini: +4 [04:23:32] >_< [04:25:19] almost all extenstions are unoffical and only supported by their authors [04:25:30] not everybody knows everything about all mods [04:37:53] I understand that. But with 180 in here there's at least 1 that can make them. I am only asking for help to make one to do what Im looking. Surely it wouldn't take all that long to make. [05:05:24] Is there a channel for the people that make the extensions? [05:06:46] Not that I know of. [05:10:30] Dang it. Do you know anyone that makes them? [05:20:09] 03(NEW) Set logo for Simple English Wikiquote - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17853 enhancement; Normal; Wikimedia: Site requests; (FromAE) [05:21:55] 03(mod) Set logo for Simple English Wikiquote - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17853 +shell (10p858snake) [05:37:36] 03aaron * r48155 10/trunk/extensions/CheckUser/CheckUser_body.php: (bug 17833) Catch suppression blocks [05:40:58] Does anyone make or know anyone that makes extensions that will help me? [05:41:09] 03(mod) "Hide username from the block log, active block list and user list" removes users from CU results - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17833 (10JSchulz_4587) [05:41:48] 03nad * r48156 10/trunk/extensions/RecordAdmin/RecordAdmin_body.php: allow form values to be supplied in query-string not just posted [05:43:23] Or at least a damn tutorial on making what im looking for? [05:43:35] 03(mod) "Hide username from the block log, active block list and user list" removes users from CU results - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17833 (10mikelifeguard) [05:48:44] 03(mod) "Hide username from the block log, active block list and user list" removes users from CU results - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17833 (10JSchulz_4587) [05:53:28] CynMod, what [05:53:59] CynMod, Let me help. [05:54:11] Step One: Stop whining [05:54:17] Step Two: Learn PHP [05:54:35] Step Three:Make extenstion [05:54:40] Step Four: ??? [05:54:44] What do you think Im tryin to do. [05:54:46] Step Five: Profit! [05:56:14] Don't need profit. Im sure its not difficult to make. Shouldn't take an experienced user long to make it. [05:56:28] Much much faster than I can learn php for sure. [05:56:58] You have no idea man. [05:57:14] Hence why im asking for help. [05:57:46] I'd be in shock if somone steped up right now and would make an extenstion like that which would only be used for you, and maybe even that much. [05:58:07] How hard can it be to type a command on a page, and have it list the folders and files within the directory? [05:58:25] And it wouldn't be for only me. It can go on the extensions page. Im sure there are others that would use it. [05:58:30] that sounds dangerous [05:58:32] CynMod, You're not taking a shit on your keybaord and BAM! extenstion. [05:58:47] that also sounds dangerous [05:58:49] Why does it sound dangerous? [05:58:49] It takes thought. [05:59:40] If you limit the page to a certain directory of files that you want them to download then I don't see how it can be dangerous. [06:00:30] And thought? I can do what I am asking in VB.net in 6 lines of code and that includes being able to choose the directory you want to loop through to view the files. [06:00:57] CynMod, Go make a useless VB.Net app then [06:01:27] For 1, its not usless. For 2, if I could use that in my wiki, then I wouldn't be here now would I. That's what takes thought. [06:01:49] VB.Net one of my most hated programming langues. The top is TCL. [06:01:58] What is TCL? [06:02:32] Here, stay here [06:02:46] http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/extensions/ [06:02:52] Those are extenstions [06:02:57] Take a look at the code [06:03:14] For? [06:03:29] So you have a friggin idea what you're dealing with. [06:03:54] I know what extensions are. Just don't know how to write them and not all of them require a lot of code. [06:04:16] Go learn that and PHP [06:04:29] Become Indepentent. [06:04:31] Make money. [06:04:36] DirList and Directory Manager are both close to what I am after but I am not gonna try and modify someone elses work and call it my own. [06:04:46] You can do that [06:04:51] It's called OpenSource [06:05:03] Just give them credit too [06:05:30] Yeah and you know how long it will take for me to learn enough php just to modify it? [06:05:33] you don't even have to give them credit if you don't distribute it [06:06:01] CynMod, Learn PHP. [06:06:04] !man Extensions#Writing_Extensions | CynMod [06:06:04] --mwbot-- CynMod: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Extensions%23Writing_Extensions [06:06:06] php is nothing I want to make a living off of. I just want a few things in my wiki and the one thing I want I can't find. [06:06:06] Brag to yiour friends. [06:06:14] Learn PHP. [06:06:18] Make a new Facebook [06:06:24] Learn PHP. [06:06:31] I don't want to learn php [06:06:34] Become a MW developer [06:06:51] PHP doesn't want to learn CynMod [06:06:58] :) [06:07:05] Lolwut? [06:07:09] nothing in life is ever delivered on a silver platter, one example is extenstions for applications, people make what they want and sometimes what others request as well if they have time or are being paid for it [06:07:34] Translation: You're on you're own. Learn PHP [06:07:55] Oh so its ok for others to request but when I do I get told to learn php? [06:07:58] right... [06:08:03] Sure [06:08:14] It's just annoying to whine about it every 10 mins [06:08:16] ha - sounds like the channel is in a bad mood [06:08:49] Is it possible to have pages on a mediawiki that only some users can edit, and view? [06:08:52] CynMod: what languages do you know? [06:08:54] no you wearnt requesting, you were whineing like every two minutes [06:09:00] Not nearly as annoying as 170 people in a damn channel that can't take 3 lousy seconds to reply even if its to say sorry, no clue. Its called consideration. [06:09:13] CynMod, And now it's called get lost. [06:09:14] emma: yes, kinda, but it's not an ideal or elegant situation [06:09:23] TrevorParscal: ahh. [06:09:49] !morbo | emma [06:09:49] --mwbot-- emma: http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/330/morbomediawikiaf9.jpg [06:09:50] Trev, vb.net, clarion are my primary. [06:09:53] CynMod: you may be surprised how easy PHP is to read / write if you are coming from another language [06:10:16] TrevorParscal: that would be a nice feature if I could put in a request, also in general more flexibility with defining custom roles and giving those roles privs (such as Drupal does) would be really useful. [06:10:24] TrevorParscal, VB.Net isn't good to move to anything. [06:10:38] emma, That's not the main idea with mediawiki [06:10:45] emma: edit (kinda), view (hackish) [06:10:50] !access | emma [06:10:50] --mwbot-- emma: For information on customizing user access, see . For common examples of restricting access using both rights and extensions, see . [06:10:55] is mwbot2 a supybot running the encyclopaedia plugin? [06:11:08] Nope [06:11:13] emma: there may already be an effort in progress for that kind of feature, have you looked around at existing extensions? [06:11:32] the !factoid | nick syntax is just like the bot in #ubuntu [06:11:41] emma: it totally goes against the core precepts that have driven MediaWiki development, mediawiki is NOT a CMS [06:11:53] Splarka, True that [06:11:54] TimStarling the other day said it might be a worthy goal [06:11:58] but it would take a LOT of work [06:12:12] there are over a dozen vectors for leaking info in a mixed-read-permission wiki currently [06:12:26] CynMod: don't be discouraged from learning new languages - if you can program in VB you can program in PHP, it's just a matter of using php.net instead of msdn, and adding $ before variables in allot of cases.. [06:12:30] so the offical answers are: possible but insecure, LATER, and "run a farm" [06:12:48] run a farm ? [06:13:00] the farm method is: have one install, and multiple databases and localsettings, some completely open (supported), some completely closed from reading and writing except to one group (supported) [06:13:01] Moos, cows, fisg [06:13:03] !farm | emma [06:13:03] --mwbot-- emma: To run multiple wikis, you can simply install MediaWiki in different folders, with different databases or in one with database prefixes. You can also have multiple wikis using a single installation: and . [06:13:16] WMF does that, they have some closed wikis, like board.wikimedia.org [06:13:34] usability.wikimedia.org also uses that [06:13:43] if you don't care about security, see Extension:Lockdown [06:14:31] What gets me is when I see, / from an extension and I do everything I can thing of to fix it, and nothing works, then get ignored when I ask for a direction. Im not completely incompetent and im willing to try a lot harder than most leechers and free loaders providing I have someone that will back me up and help me along the way. [06:15:08] you are not entitled to help here, there is nobody here responsible for making sure everyone gets an answer [06:15:21] however, there has been enough CynMod bashing [06:15:30] CynMod: although it's true that the type of per-page access you are looking for is a bit illusive with mediawiki, it's also possible that flagged revisions being enabled on certain pages could help you to achieve limited editing and protecting a page could lock all editing [06:15:34] Welcome to the intnernet and IRC [06:15:34] there are just loads of volunteers, and some people paid by the foundation to build the software [06:15:50] CynMod: none of us have any idea how that extension works [06:15:53] and most are idle here and on dozens of other channels, 24/7, and not watching unless something of interest to them happens [06:16:01] Like this. [06:16:05] TrevorParscal: I think that was supposed to be to em [06:16:08] emma* [06:16:10] *CWii munches on popcorn [06:16:16] sounds like it would work with raw html enabled, but that'd be a stupid extension to rely on that [06:16:37] Hi :) [06:16:38] I enabled that which is what gets me. [06:16:40] CWii: no offense, but people like you give IRC a bad name, and it's very difficult to be supportive when I have to make up for you being rude [06:17:09] TrevorParscal, At this hour I'm out of care. [06:17:16] Trevor, lemme ask you something. [06:17:34] CWii: bedtime? naptime? sandwichtime? [06:17:37] CynMod: shoot [06:17:46] If you want to put a direct link on a page for someone to download say an image/picture, would that be hard? [06:17:48] (heh, Trevor just volunteered to write the extension for Cyn) [06:18:00] *CWii claps [06:18:03] ow [06:18:20] Listen my friends, looks like you are dealing with someone here who's very ungracious or lacks basic social skills. I want to tell you guys, as for me, I think the work you all do to make mediawiki is wonderful and I have always found this channel exceedingly helpful. Thank you so much! [06:18:35] emma, Why thank you@ [06:18:39] Splarka: hardly... but a little bit of patience goes a long way - and if you can't provide that, just be idle on the channel plz... [06:18:43] when I am awake I personally (often) try to make sure everyone gets an answer, if it is within a field I have any experience (or know someone who has) [06:18:48] CynMod: that's quite easy [06:19:08] (unless they're asking something very off topic, or "write me an extension!") [06:19:31] Splarka: I know - you are a very helpful resource, I wasn't trying to categorize you as a grumpy IRC troll [06:19:40] oh, I am a grumpy IRC troll [06:19:53] but I got my bridge toll for the day, so am okay [06:19:56] Something like [[LinkToFile|Download!]] Right? [06:19:58] (plus, no goats) [06:20:00] CynMod: do you mean making a link within the text of an article? [06:20:10] If it's internal, yes [06:20:12] Splarka, Yo dawg, I don't like PHP since it has 3 letters, in it. Rewrite MW in Ruby plox [06:20:35] Ruby is a four letter word [06:20:43] if it's an external link (starts with http:// or something) then [http://link.goes.here Title of link] [06:20:51] Splarka, And? [06:21:01] "... I don't like PHP since it has 3 letters, in it..." [06:21:01] notice the use of a space as a separator between the url and the label [06:21:16] CWii: the best trolls are the ones that come in... [06:21:16] ok. Now a loop to gather all the files within a directory and have it type that based on file name to which its a bunch of [[LinkToFile|Download!]] within an artical. [06:21:22] unlike internal links which use a | (because a space is allowed in an article name) [06:21:22] article* [06:21:44] "hey, I find that my wiki runs a lot better with varnish, lighttpd, on a windows server, with dokuwiki, wikipedia should switch!" [06:22:20] CynMod, just upload then to the server and link them. [06:22:24] It's not that hard. [06:22:32] CynMod: there's allot of magic to be done with templates, but if they are files in a folder on your webserver, you need to write a simple parser hook [06:22:41] Hell, you could use MediaWiki Upload [06:22:47] Manually typing out a link to 15,000 files can get quite over-bearing. [06:23:12] The keyword, "Simple" [06:23:20] CynMod, Then use Virtual Directories [06:23:29] Then add in the loop to also list folders as well. [06:23:41] or actual directories, link to the directory and disable read restrictions [06:23:51] That. [06:23:55] I have to get my daughter to sleep in her own bed [06:24:05] When you click a new folder name, it then lists all the files and folders in the folder name you clicked. [06:24:08] this may take some negotiation... she's not quite 2 yet.. [06:24:09] TrevorParscal, Duct tape works nice. [06:24:12] but if you clicked the file, it allows for download. [06:24:14] Indeed [06:24:19] cyall - be nice! [06:24:22] *night [06:24:49] Is virtual directories an extension? [06:24:52] No [06:24:58] *CWii looks for an example [06:25:30] http://moodle.3villagecsd.k12.ny.us/theme/CR-3Villages/ [06:25:41] It lists what's in the folder :P [06:25:46] Built into must Webservers. [06:25:50] Most* [06:26:34] Yeah that's what I have now. Im looking to expand that and be able to view it on the mediawiki pages. [06:26:46] Just link to it. [06:26:57] 03(ASSIGNED) add class to dynamic dates - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17785 summary (10jayvdb) [06:27:07] I spend over a week to get everything set up and even tried 25 other wiki engines because I couldn't get mediawiki working right [06:27:38] mediawiki is the one I wanted cause I used it on guild wars wiki and its unbeatable. [06:32:06] as far as virtual directories, that's exactly what I am looking for. but implemented within wiki for a good template style look. [06:37:39] 03aaron * r48157 10/trunk/extensions/FlaggedRevs/ (FlaggedRevs.hooks.php FlaggedRevs.php): Renamed parserMakeStableImageLink [06:57:53] 03aaron * r48158 10/trunk/phase3/includes/specials/SpecialMergeHistory.php: Fix fatal [07:07:49] 03aaron * r48159 10/trunk/phase3/includes/specials/SpecialMergeHistory.php: [07:07:49] * Fixed notice [07:07:49] * Added mergehistory-reason [07:07:49] * Fixed XHTML [07:07:49] * Fixed obviously unaligned table [08:12:06] Any devs around, I have a question regarding sourceforge hosting and the DumpHTML extension? [08:28:36] *p858snake|2 blocks Atyndall for 9000 years >.> [08:29:10] p858snake|2: Fortunately, it has no effect :P [08:40:32] How to Set up of Automatic Script Conversion in a Wiki Site ? [08:44:06] for which scripts? [08:48:15] Between an Indic Script and Latin Transliteration [08:49:02] Most Computers dont support Indic Supports and non-personal PC's generally dont give rights to install fonts... [08:49:38] This results in the display of only boxes in the absence of Indic Fonts. I thought we could use Script Conversion to overcome this problem [09:00:21] Any Ideas ? [09:01:17] 03(mod) ProofreadPage broken for GIF images due to assuming it can always create thumbnails - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17791 +comment (10thomasV1) [09:04:39] hmm, I wonder if your requirements are anything like the zh traditional/classic variant conversion [09:06:17] vInOdH: maybe look at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Automatic_conversion_between_simplified_and_traditional_Chinese [09:07:23] (note most that write-up is several years old) [09:09:24] 03(NEW) For RevisionDelete: Unsuppression is logged in the deletion log, not the suppression log - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17854 normal; Normal; MediaWiki: Deleting; (dmcdevit) [09:12:09] vInOdH: code it? [09:12:59] I dont know PHP !! [09:13:15] If i can get a Trasliteration Table, May be I can modify it :P [09:13:50] 03(NEW) Logo for sah.wiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17855 normal; Normal; Wikimedia: Language setup; (hugo_a_saavedra) [09:14:08] Actually, Is mine a Good Idea or am I resorting to make things more complex ? :) [09:14:49] Nikerabbit: is zh the only auto-variant languge still? [09:16:12] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikipedias_in_Multi-writing_System [09:16:39] 03(mod) Logo for sah.wiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17855 +shell (10raimond.spekking) [09:18:00] *Splarka crawl sleepward [09:43:37] hi, so i'm looking at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgRateLimits [09:43:55] is there a key for create new page ? [09:45:11] if my theory that those are just the standard permission words, then it would be createpage right? [09:52:41] 03(NEW) Feature request - 'revert all' button - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17856 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki: User interface; (mapellegrini) [09:53:08] i think that it's only designed for editing pages [10:16:51] 14(INVALID) Feature request - 'revert all' button - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17856 +comment (10p858snake) [10:53:46] 03(NEW) {{achnorencode:…}} does not produce the same as achnors - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17857 major; Normal; MediaWiki: Page rendering; (rene.kijewski) [10:55:38] did he really test it... it's anchor [11:09:48] 03(NEW) allow EPUB for upload - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17858 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki: Uploading; (stf) [11:11:05] 03(mod) allow EPUB for upload - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17858 +shell (10raimond.spekking) [11:27:18] are there any developments like syntax highlighting in the edit interface? [11:29:01] for example tags and [[links]] might be highlighted [11:30:49] there is no good browser support for it [11:31:48] hm would this even be possible in html? [11:32:30] is it possible to format stuff inside a