[00:53:20] InShaneee: pastebin it at http://p.defau.lt/new.html or http://rafb.net/paste/ [00:53:57] Splarka: have you been taking mind-reading lessons? [00:54:16] Splarka is a soothsayer [00:55:19] http://p.defau.lt/?ttFUbO4lNPJlPL9Gv_curg [00:55:29] That should be it. [00:56:08] The and tags are just there for testing purposes. [00:56:19] right [00:56:36] well you can't have
or onclick in wikicode, unless you enable raw html [00:56:54] is that what breaks? [00:57:05] hrm...my admin used an hash tag, he said that should allow it to work. [00:57:18] k, then you do [00:57:27] are you inserting the