[02:44:18] musikanimal: crashing my head against the AbuseFilter testdoor [02:44:26] so frustrating [08:14:29] what is difference of #wikimedia-dev and #mediawiki-core ? [08:17:06] now, i see there are bug reports in #wikimedia-dev , so it can be not comfortable to talk there. [09:01:16] i see here is link to other site in the topic: https://discourse-mediawiki.wmflabs.org/ . but it looks like having little users. seems it is like stackoverflow . i would try to use stackoverflow instead of it firstly . [09:25:08] qdb: what is your question? [09:25:33] see my questions in last 2 comments in https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/164049/ . [09:29:50] #wikimedia-dev is not #mediawiki-dev , so it seems as not right channel for support for mediawiki and its plugins' developers. what if somebody makes something not for wikimedia, but only for his own site or for mediawiki cms/engine, ie not for the different dictionaries and libraries and news and ... of wikimedia. also, #wikimedia-tech is not #mediawiki-tech . [09:31:33] i have also written the last thought to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:IRC#there_is_no_channel_for_support_for_mediawiki_developers... [09:35:30] yeah, i'm not really sure what's the best place, there's several. perhaps weekly meetings at #wikimedia-tech may help you, wmf staff reply to developers questions there. this is a good place too but when the right people are around [09:37:40] thank you [09:38:28] when is the meeting? [09:40:29] it's in tech news on wikimedia wikis all over the place [09:40:36] "The meeting will be on 23 May at 15:00 (UTC)." i think that is it [09:40:40] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Tech/News/2018/21 [09:42:11] thank you. i go out, i think somebody can answer in gerrit. [10:35:24] ugh can we de-flowify https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Project_talk:Support_desk . It seems very confusing to users [13:20:27] gedmatch doesn't have my ancestry.com dna kit listed nor my 23 and me kit listed. how can I down load them? [14:14:09] Hi, I have a problem with the magic word {{FULLPAGENAME}}. I am using it in a template. [14:14:15] OK: When I use that template in the Mediawiki:Sitenotice it shows correctly the page name "Mediawiki:Sitenotice" [14:14:19] BUT: when I then go at another page X, the page name still stays at "Mediawiki:Sitenotice". [14:14:25] TEMPLATE (OK) -> Sitenotice (OK) -> another page (???) [14:15:07] so it seems I'd have to add at every page in my wiki the Template, soit would work,but this seems like too wasteful [14:15:12] is there a better way? [14:16:16] you mean {{FULLPAGENAME}} is always the title of the page you have expanded the template [14:16:35] and not the page which possibly has transcluded it [14:16:41] yes [14:16:53] e.g. on the Template:Archive it says: Template:Archive [14:18:33] I have also tried with related magic words, but they also behave the same, wrong way [14:19:14] the way to solve it is this: [14:19:24] thx for helping, saper [14:19:40] Template:Archive takes a parameter, page name (for example, the first one {{{1}}} [14:19:54] ah, I understand now [14:19:57] you are good [14:20:09] let me try [14:20:11] and then on every transclusion you do {{Archive|{{FULLPAGENAME}}}} [14:20:17] yes [14:20:20] instead of {{Archive}} [14:20:39] and in Template:Archive you can do {{{1|{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}} [14:20:47] just for the Template:Archive itself [14:21:28] will do, just editing it now to see [14:31:27] hm, still only shows the Mediawiki:Sitenotice :-( I also tried purge, must be something else [14:35:32] tried now with DISPLAYTITLE [14:44:54] man, wasted 2h [14:45:01] and it works, when I use it in the Sidebar [14:45:16] there I can just use the magic word,no template even needed [14:45:34] thx for your help saper [14:47:59] it's good to have people like you in here :-) [14:48:09] perhaps it was the trigger that made me think of other things [14:48:18] see you again, thx again saper [14:51:48] :) [14:51:59] great you made it to work [14:52:15] just stupid trial and error :-( [14:52:21] tried everything I could thinkof [14:52:27] too bad I needed so much time [14:52:29] thx again [16:54:45] i'm trying to get a wiki to respect $wgNamespaceRobotPolicies -- i think the skin it's using just doesn't include whatever it needs [16:55:27] it extends QuickTemplate and seems to dump the entire page from on down in the execute() method [16:55:50] i don't know anything about skin development though; is there a way i can access the configured data about which meta tags should be present and add it here? [17:10:39] myndzi: hey [17:11:39] o/ [17:13:02] myndzi: the skin can output the entire page "header" (from up to ) by calling $this->html( 'headelement' ); in the execute() method [17:14:02] if you're printing these tags manually, you can probably remove it all and use that method instead. you might need to do some work if you were using that to output styles or something [17:15:53] agree; i'm not actually developing this skin, just running the site [17:16:06] i'm hoping i just can't figure out in the docs how to get that specific data point and drop it in