[00:02:55] Eh, I'll just do some other work instead I guess [00:04:24] Pick a bug, any bug! [00:04:49] :D [00:05:40] hey jorm [00:05:54] heya. [00:10:45] how goes? [00:12:28] pretty good. about to go drop all my spare dosh on a present for my lady. [00:13:58] Hmmm, why does that break stuff [00:14:48] SvnRevTablePage implemented formatRow exactly the same as it's parent class SvnTablePager [00:14:56] Removing it in the child class, breaks CR [00:17:57] Reedy: howso? [00:18:23] The table displays nothing now [00:18:46] OH [00:18:49] are you sure you didn't slide a "return ''" in there? [00:18:52] WORLDS MOST SUBTLE CHANGE [00:18:55] $formatted = strval( $this->formatRevValue( $field, $value, $row ) ); [00:19:00] $formatted = strval( $this->formatValue( $field, $value, $row ) ); [00:19:13] fml etc [00:19:24] argh. [00:19:34] I love people who copy and paste code, making one small change from it [00:19:39] without adding comments explaining what they did [00:19:48] i came home early so that we could go do this thing before traffic got insane but as usual it takes stacey 45 minutes to put shoes on. [00:20:01] werdna, exactly [00:20:54] Or can I change the base without breaking anything... [00:21:24] Actually [00:21:33] it's passing formatValue an extra param it doesn't even care about [00:29:01] werdna, when they block copy the "// Note: this function is poorly factored in the parent class" aswell [00:30:29] \o/ [00:30:37] lazy programmers ftw [00:31:12] It's a nice amount of duplicated code though [00:33:50] werdna, do I dare ask why there's only the "formatRevValue" rather than "formatValue" in one case... [00:34:32] Hmm [00:37:29] Laziness I'm guessing [00:44:57] Wheee, done it properly :) [00:48:07] werdna, :D [00:56:13] Reedy: bah, now I have to modify one of my upcoming commits in order not to be a hypocrite :D [00:56:26] werdna, Why? :D [00:57:09] I've copy-paste-modified BitmapHandler::transformImageMagick() to convert LQT avatars to thumbed PNGs [00:58:52] *Reedy eyes werdna [01:00:04] *werdna hides [01:14:05] Night! [15:37:55] hey, guys [15:39:44] hah, I know what has to be done [15:39:51] Ohai TrevorParscal [15:39:55] *RoanKattouw welcomes the new 7-3 routine [15:39:59] hello [15:40:06] yes, I'm enjoying it actually [15:40:08] support for Special:RecentChangesLinked/Special:PrefixIndex/XYZ [15:40:31] Do we have the 11am meeting like usual [15:40:33] ? [15:42:03] TrevorParscal: Also, checking this with you cause it's not 100% compatible with my marching orders: I've started reviewing Chad's unreviewed revs, because they account for like 15% of all unreviewed revs in core and few other people would do it. That OK? [15:42:44] yes [15:42:50] hi [15:43:02] Alright [15:43:16] I also fixed the double-gzip bug [15:43:18] I think secondarily, I need you to everything you can to make sure 1.17 can go out to the cluster as close to mid-January as possible [15:43:29] That's exactly what I was thinking [15:43:29] ResourceLoader is perhaps a sub-task of that [15:43:35] I know you get me :) [15:43:40] Which reminds me, I need you to help me with something [15:43:45] Or well, do something :P [15:43:46] sure [15:44:22] https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/mediawiki/wiki/Special:Code/MediaWiki/74966#c11379 [15:44:31] That's my half-finished Monobook-to-RL port [15:44:48] Unsurprisingly, it works fine in most browsers except the ones that have XXFixes.css files [15:45:09] A CSS ninja needs to go through that and make it work in IE6 again [15:45:23] Alternatively, we could revert the whole thing and decide not to RL-ify Monobook just yet [15:52:20] TrevorParscal: So if it's not too much work, could you fix that to work with IE6, or otherwise just tell me to revert the whole thing and save porting Monobook for RL phase2 [15:52:50] ... lookin [15:53:25] I intend on merging the IE fixes into the main.css and naming main.css screen.css [15:53:31] I thought so, yeah [15:53:39] I wanted to do it but I have nooo idea how [15:53:52] if that can not be done within a day, I probably will do as you said, revert the changes and let monobook people use the old stuff [15:54:17] If you want it reverted, tell me and I'll do it. There are a few follow-ups that need to be reverted too, in the right order [15:58:25] k [15:58:28] I will decide today [15:58:31] Thanks [15:58:43] Don't worry about deciding before I go to bed, it's fine if I hear tomorrow [15:58:56] hm, how about using IE conditional statements in tags that would include class="ie(6/7/8)" ? [15:59:13] I'll be around till about 1pm and won't be back working until about 6:30am tomorrow [15:59:29] then we could do hacks easily in one css file, prefixing them with .ie6, .ie7, etc. [16:00:00] Holek: Monobook already has files like IE60Fixes.css but we wanna put all these things in the main CSS file [16:01:06] RoanKattouw: that's what I was talking about :) [16:01:21] one file, and seperate classes [16:02:16] like here: https://github.com/paulirish/html5-boilerplate/raw/master/index.html (only HTML5 BP uses Modernizr to remove these no-js classes too) [16:12:45] Holek: that's a reasonable approach [16:13:59] I usually find that the only hacks I need to use is the child selector hack (using > makes the rule invisible in IE7 and below) and the important (!ie at the end of the rule will make it only visible to IE 6 and below) [16:14:13] I document them well [16:14:26] but I do like this aproach, it's pretty cool [16:14:47] the no-js thing is cool too [16:19:08] :) [16:40:35] <^demon> TrevorParscal: I saw your replies to jidanni on the list. Have you interacted with jidanni before? [16:40:37] <^demon> :) [16:40:49] no - why? [16:40:55] <^demon> Hahaha :) [16:40:59] <^demon> Don't get frustrated. [16:41:25] <^demon> He'll probably come back with some random answer that involves text browsers and accessibility. [16:41:42] Any frustration I have on is not with him [16:41:45] at least not yet [16:41:49] <^demon> And try to get you to run some random bash script to prove his point [16:41:57] ha ha [16:42:03] thanks for the heads up [16:42:29] <^demon> https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/buglist.cgi?query_format=advanced&emailreporter1=1&email1=jidanni%40jidanni.org&product=MediaWiki&emailtype1=substring - his reported bugs [16:42:39] <^demon> the number of INVALID and WONTFIXes is astounding. [16:42:43] <^demon> Some of them are hilarious. [17:01:45] Yeah [17:01:54] Like he repeatedly claims "text browser" means "zero CSS" [17:02:10] Even though modern text browsers understand easy stuff like display:none; [17:02:28] "To see what we see, do View->Style->No Style in Firefox" is his new catchphrase [17:09:30] He has the occasional valid bug. [18:26:27] I would say that text browser doesn't have to mean no-css, but if you can get a page to look nice with View->Style->No Style in Firefox then by all means do so [18:26:32] I actually use that trick a lot [18:26:40] and I did that a lot when designing vector [18:26:58] remember - that's what a search engine sees [18:27:19] the content should at least be in a sane order and structure [18:27:43] Yes [18:27:55] But there's things like headers of empty portlets (Variants and other things) [18:28:01] That are rendered but with display:none; [18:28:09] Hence visible in No Style view [18:28:21] "So every text browser user is hugely inconvenienced by them ZOMG" [18:29:16] yeah, no room for purists [18:51:03] i like text browsers but i like steam engines and vinyl records too.. [18:52:19] in the html5 era they are from another time [18:55:10] text browsers have their uses. [18:55:56] true.. [19:16:17] Hey TrevorParscal [19:16:24] Weren't we supposed to have a meeting like 20 mins ago? [19:19:57] yes [19:20:03] we are going to still do it [19:20:07] in 8 minutes [19:21:07] OK [19:21:09] Etherpad? :) [19:21:43] (With a copy of last week's etc.) [19:27:35] i forgot all about our eng meeting [19:27:41] or do we not do that since Alolita is off [19:27:44] away rather [19:27:52] http://eiximenis.wikimedia.org/FeaturesTeam20101207 [19:28:07] ok [19:28:09] OK I guess it's now, right? [19:28:12] I'll grab my headset [19:29:53] x2003? [19:29:58] 2001 [19:30:00] Says Trevor [19:30:12] TrevorParscal: I'm alone in 2001 right now [19:31:26] we hear you [21:10:28] RoanKattouw: how's it going?> [21:10:40] Reviewing code, code, code, code [21:10:45] awesome [21:10:48] having any fun? [21:10:58] haha [21:11:06] Yeah well some of it's like, meh, not gonna do this at 10pm [21:11:09] How can one have fun while reviewing code? [21:11:12] Big refactorings in new-installer [21:11:14] For instance [21:11:22] "This code is joke..."? [21:11:32] "So reverted"? :) [21:12:56] see why I'm having a problem figuring out which Doobie Brother jorm is? http://static.rateyourmusic.com/lk/f/a/f3a08716978808a60f73b170b8d24aa2/1024239.jpg [21:14:08] hah [21:14:20] Yeah there's like 3 or 4 guys that look like they could be him [21:14:37] Hmm, I think I've got it narrowed down to 2 [21:17:56] vvv: Reviewing code is fine, as long as you're not staring at it going "WTF? What does this do? Oh wait. I should really be in bed at this hour" [21:19:20] RoanKattouw: that state of mind is surely not the most appropriate for review [21:19:31] Noep [21:22:02] vvv: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:Code/MediaWiki/77981#c11726 [21:23:56] Shirley: you wanna me comment on that? [21:24:51] Sure [21:25:13] You can comment if you'd like. I thought you might be interested in the revision. [21:40:53] I think I just got a heart attack, what did I just read on wikitech-l, 1.17 branched ? [21:40:56] *Krinkle opens mail [21:41:05] haha [21:41:10] It was this afternoon, actually [21:43:55] yeah, I closed my mail app earlier today when I started working on something [21:44:23] RoanKattouw: So, with 'call upon everyone to help out with code review' you mean leaving comments, right ? Since actually tagging something is a seperate userright [21:44:51] That's +coder, right? [21:45:06] You should be able to get that from someone who already has it if you have commit access, are not a moron, and dare to ask :) [21:46:10] Let me clarify that on the list [21:46:20] I thought only a handfull of people (like you and Tim) had the codereview-set-status right [21:46:44] Special:ListGroupRights / Special:ListUsers [21:46:53] There shouldn't be any mystery here. [21:47:00] But every commiter should have it ? Then wasn't added :P [21:47:05] I * [21:47:10] Yes, every coder has it [21:47:18] You're probably not in the coder group yet, then [21:47:28] Ah, I see. [21:47:49] Coders | Add group: Coders [21:48:22] It's a viral group. [22:04:37] RoanKattouw: By the way, I remember from some time ago reading that for registered users on WMF that cache is pretty much off (ie. rendered for everybody) - how is that for anonymous users with useskin/uselang ? Does using those parameter mean no cache either ? Or is the cache stored with language/skin as identifier and multiple can exist ? [22:04:52] sorry had your nick in tab, not for you specifically [22:05:52] OK so logged-in users bypass Squid cache [22:05:57] As do uselang etc., AFAIK [22:06:06] But I'm not sure about the latter [22:06:11] Parser cache is still used for everyone [22:06:20] So pages are not rerendered all the time for logged-in users [22:07:15] RoanKattouw: do WM extensions need review as well as 1.17 phase3? [22:07:40] Yes [22:12:05] Ah, okay. [22:15:04] vvv: Oh wait you're a CentralAuth ninja, right? Yeah that stuff needs review too, would be great if you could help [22:15:59] RoanKattouw: the largest change there (and the oldest one) was by myself, but I'll take a look at the rest [22:16:54] Alright [22:16:57] Thanks :) [22:17:04] Huh, I just fixed a broken revision myself because I was not aware what revision to fixme [22:17:49] haha [22:17:52] Laziness, right [22:47:40] RoanKattouw: mass whitespace fixes are reviewed or marked as deferred? [22:48:05] Reviewed using svn diff -x -w -c 12345 usually [22:48:10] Where 12345 is the revid [22:48:18] And the command will produce a diff of the revision, ignoring whitespace