[00:07:12] (PS6) Adamw: dedupe review module [wikimedia/fundraising/crm] - https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/82774 [00:07:32] (PS6) Adamw: (FR #1075) dedupe quick-autoreview job [wikimedia/fundraising/tools] - https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/82765 [00:07:51] mwalker: if you're up for another pass ^^ [00:35:51] Damn, he called GlobalAllocation "somewhat buggy", that's a bit generous. [00:42:17] mwalker: sorry, I'm reviewing https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Extension:CentralNotice/Caching_Overhaul_-_Frontend_Proxy cos it's in PCR, but this still a WIP? [00:50:52] awight_: no; it's done [00:50:54] I think [00:51:06] aka; I was waiting on mark to review it [01:27:26] (PS1) Adamw: No access check on admin/thank_you/test_email [wikimedia/fundraising/crm] - https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/85809 [02:09:14] marktraceur: /quit : 23 18:02:33 -!- the-wub [~the-wub@wikimedia/the-wub] has quit [Quit: Leaving] [02:09:23] * jeremyb will bbl [04:39:54] (PS2) Adamw: No access check on admin/config/thank_you/test_email [wikimedia/fundraising/crm] - https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/85809 [17:29:01] (CR) Katie Horn: [C: 2 V: 2] No access check on admin/config/thank_you/test_email [wikimedia/fundraising/crm] - https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/85809 (owner: Adamw) [17:58:54] hrmmm, no vgrigas? [18:01:10] problems with stories on mobile. didn't actually click any of them but the overview page with the grid has alignment issues (it is aligned well on my laptop so I assume it should be that way everywhere) [18:01:32] also #thank-you-content is wrapped somewhere offscreen and I can't scroll so the text is clipped and unreadable [18:01:41] (both

and the text under it) [18:02:07] that's true both for landscape and portrait. chrome @ android 4.3 [18:03:23] that's probably more of a the-wub issue [18:03:36] more than vgrigas? [18:03:41] well vgrigas filed the tickets [18:03:49] so he's the default person to poke :) [18:04:13] RT 494[0-2] [18:05:01] K4-713: i see you had a thank you related commit above. ^^^ [18:05:27] Yep. What's up? [18:05:32] someone please poke the-wub when he's back if it's his thing. (i can't poke a ghost and I'll be here intermittently) [18:05:34] And, that was just cr. [18:05:46] K4-713: i get mobile redirect and the mobile version sucks (at least on my phone) [18:05:58] nexus 4 so i tend to not blame the phone :P [18:06:14] Ah. Unrelated, I think. That code pertains to the email Thank You / receipt. [18:06:23] Not the Thank You page. [18:06:27] oh, they just both say "thank you"? [18:06:34] ? [18:06:53] http://wikimediastories.org [18:06:55] The big tell is the project. [18:06:57] wikimedia/fundraising/crm [18:07:02] ...is inside civicrm. [18:07:19] aha [18:07:51] ...we're apparently huge on thanking. ;) [18:08:01] hrmmm, no abaso either [18:08:06] was just checking page history [18:15:48] welp, maybe i sent someone a watchlist notif: https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Talk:Thank_You_All#mobile_version_sucks [18:15:52] :-) [18:17:37] Yeah... I'm *completely* sure you're right. [18:17:56] Currently, we've got one guy for that kind of thing. [18:18:44] (CR) Mwalker: "(4 comments)" [wikimedia/fundraising/tools] - https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/82765 (owner: Adamw) [18:31:02] where is that domain being used? [18:45:19] Nemo_bis: no idea [18:45:42] there's six of them. wiki{p,m}ediastories.{com,net,org} [18:47:00] ohai the-wub [18:47:04] https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Talk:Thank_You_All#mobile_version_sucks [18:50:49] jeremyb: true. added [[Category:Desktop-only pages]] for now, until I get chance to improve the mobile display [18:51:22] ah, didn't know there was such a thing [18:52:54] the-wub: that's supposed to actually do something? [18:55:29] btw, just curious, are people actually on the fundraiser list? i.e. how much difference does forwarding to fr-tech make? [18:57:10] jeremyb: try it again. it wasn't working for me at first, but is now [18:57:11] the-wub: is that blank banner thing from ~10 days ago the best way to disable without messing you up? [18:57:36] still being sent to mobile [18:57:47] (i've been adding arbitrary query string to cache bust) [18:58:09] ohhhhh [18:58:14] the-wub: grrr, sorry [18:58:22] i was just looking at the URL not the page content! [18:58:30] :) [18:59:18] good trick to know about that category [18:59:50] not sure what you mean about the blank banners - the campaign? if you need to disable it's probably best just to disable all the fundraising campaigns in CentralNotice (they all start with C13) [19:00:21] I suppose you could set the blank campaign at a higher priority. hadn't thought of that. it should work [19:00:59] the-wub: look at what i did on the 14th [19:02:30] oh I see, for WLM. yes, that's fine. [19:02:35] https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:CentralNoticeLogs&offset=20130915060701&limit=2 [19:03:42] that is odd (but i guess kinda makes sense) about how works [19:03:56] it was closed! just it was closed *before* the content [19:04:59] yeah, I've been caught by that before. so when it wasn't working at first I reckoned an unclosed must be the cause [19:05:42] especially as the category wasn't showing up at the bottom of the page. turns out I didn't have "show hidden categories" enabled on that site! [19:06:41] huh, apparently i already had that option enabled [19:06:58] the-wub: 24 18:55:29 < jeremyb> btw, just curious, are people actually on the fundraiser list? i.e. how much difference does forwarding to fr-tech make? [19:08:39] I am now. fr-tech will probably get quicker responses if it's actually a technical problem though. [19:14:00] right. i wasn't sure what it was. and IIRC was on a phone not a laptop [19:16:33] i wonder how many of these are videos vs. stills, etc. [19:18:29] these pages definitely don't look as good with edit section links :P [19:18:33] e.g. https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Thank_You/Melisa_Parisi [19:18:38] (not worth fixing i assume) [19:41:38] the-wub: so, where to direct other questions about that page? (not related to mobile) [19:46:14] jeremyb: I think megan knows more about them. I wasn't involved in making them [19:46:33] ok [19:50:45] ok, i see mwalker added """Images licensed under CC-BY-SA""" in https://wikimediafoundation.org/w/index.php?title=Template:FR2012/thankyoudetail_bottom&diff=86646&oldid=86645 [19:51:07] mwalker: meganhernandez: can we make that link to the license text? [19:53:20] also, i want to chat about use of/prominence of youtube vs. commons versions. and wording thereof [20:45:02] (PS7) Adamw: (FR #1075) dedupe quick-autoreview job [wikimedia/fundraising/tools] - https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/82765 [21:05:29] (CR) Mwalker: [C: 1] (FR #1075) dedupe quick-autoreview job [wikimedia/fundraising/tools] - https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/82765 (owner: Adamw) [21:11:16] jeremyb: if you have permissions; I have no issue with you making CC-BY-SA link to the license [21:11:38] regarding youtube vs commons -- we used the wording currently specified because that's what legal told us to use [21:12:29] youtube was originally more prominent because we didn't know if the cluster could handle the load -- I don't know if that's still applicable