[03:42:51] !log tools disabled puppet in pmtpa tool labs\ [03:42:53] Logged the message, Master [03:53:35] hi [03:54:05] Is it possible to completely reset an instance? [04:02:21] hibou: In theory; but it has to be done from this side. [04:02:43] hibou: I can try if you want; but there are no guarantees that it won't mangle it beyond salvage. [04:03:00] Would it be easier to just create a new instance? [04:03:36] Probably. The net effect would be pretty much the same anyways. [04:03:55] But I can try; it'll keep your current openstack settings. [04:05:14] It's okay. A new instance will work for me [04:07:22] Didn't expect an Echo notification for that :) [04:34:19] Coren: still there? [04:34:27] hibou: Kinda. [04:34:48] Quick question, any idea why I would get 504 Gateway Time-out from instance-proxy ? [04:34:58] I'm trying to run (and test patches for) MediaWiki [04:35:05] (03PS1) 10coren: Tool labs: fix misctools for eqiad [labs/toollabs] - 10https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/116222 [04:35:29] hibou: Your IP may have changed; you probably want to remove your proxy entry and create it anew. [04:36:49] Thanks. [04:50:16] (03CR) 10coren: [C: 032] "Tested to work." [labs/toollabs] - 10https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/116222 (owner: 10coren) [13:03:01] Coren, petan: can we introduce an environment variable for setting jsub options in a crontab? [18:12:39] Is it possible to run IRC the same as production WMF for a wiki on Labs? [18:12:44] I want to test something [18:13:03] Even on how can you run it? [19:32:22] Hi all, I can't run my helloworld.py from public_html. What are the most common stupid mistakes? :-( [19:33:14] alexbrollo: you're outputting valid HTTP headers? [19:34:01] alexbrollo: what error exactly? [19:34:07] maybe you need to chmod +x [19:38:56] I get "The URI you have requested, http://tools.wmflabs.org/itsource/test.py, appears to be non-functional at this time." [19:39:42] #!/usr/bin/python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- print "Content-type:text/html\n\n" print '' print '' print 'Hello Word - First CGI Program' print '' print '' print '

Hello Word! This is my first CGI program

' print '' print '' [19:40:13] this is the code from a cgi python tutorial [19:40:53] (new lines have been removed by chat) [19:41:50] alexbrollo: did you chmod ? [19:42:26] yes, it's 777 [19:43:06] then I'm not sure what's wrong [19:45:51] there's a perplexing suggestion into tools help: "Note: As the tool's ~/public_html/ folder is in the tool's /home folder, you must allow other users to access your /home folder in order for your web service to access files in ~/public_html." [19:46:17] alexbrollo: put it in your cgi-bin? [19:46:34] ~/cgi-bin/ I think [19:47:05] Oh right [19:47:12] PHP works in either though [19:48:03] I tried cgi-bin too ..... let's try again. [19:50:44] chmod 777, same error :-( [19:50:53] in cgi-bin too. [19:52:43] Ok, things are difficult, I share itsource with two other (much killed) users, I'll ask for help to them. [19:52:51] skilled [19:54:23] join #wikitech [23:21:19] Hello, every time I try to ssh into tools-login@wmflabs.org, there's a long pause then it says the connection has timed out. [23:21:30] Anybody can help me? [23:23:08] ceradon: Try tools-login.wmflabs.org :-). [23:23:22] wmflabs.org doesn't have an ssh server. [23:23:49] (WIMTS: It's not open for Tools users.) [23:26:52] Command I put in is "ssh tools-login.wmflabs.org", scfc. [23:28:05] And that times out for you? Then you have something blocking that between your system and WMF. tools-login.wmflabs.org:ssh is accessibly from the InterNet.