[00:29:10] Access to the webpage was denied [01:49:30] I seem to have broken http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Technical_13/common.js [01:49:52] Nothing loads up on the page and my error consol just goes nuts and then locks up. [01:50:11] In firefox... it seems to load in Opera though. [01:50:23] have your browser log to console and you'd see where it encounters problems [01:51:08] yeah, there are lots of issues, then consol locks up and i can't even copy them into pastebin. [01:51:35] I don't think that's a "yeah" as you didn't try doing it the way I mentioned [01:51:58] All I added to it was $(':contains(" since last visit")').remove(); $('.mw-title').parent('td').html().replace('|  | ', '|'); [01:52:17] and what does it have to do with getting debug information in console? [01:52:25] note I'm not saying 'error console', I'm just saying 'console' [01:53:16] 'consol' locks up [01:59:26] edit won't load, so undo doesn't work... [01:59:33] history loads.. [02:00:48] I can't view any page. [02:02:22] it loads for a second, then disappears... [02:02:26] I don't get it. [02:03:16] No, it's error console which locks up, but if you have browser log to regular console (terminal) you'll actually likely see the relevant data. [02:03:42] I can see it, but I can't copy it. [02:03:58] I can't click the links [02:04:17] i just get rather useless messages [02:05:05] If I can get the revision numbers, is there any way a can force an undo of the last revision in the address bar? [02:06:28] interesting [02:06:46] when I view source, all of the code is there. but nothing renders in the browser. [02:07:53] [02:07:59] what's that class? [02:19:22] http://pastebin.com/PPjQsFJi [02:19:23] ^^^ Console errors [02:34:09] I disabled JavaScript and reverted manually... all better now. [04:04:24] what exactly is bits.wikimedia.org? browser queries it every time it loads an article, but it's dog slow [04:07:03] user JS/CSS is stored there apparently [04:12:22] and squids covered in varnish. or something. https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?search=Bits.wikimedia.org&title=Special%3ASearch&fulltext=1 [04:14:39] here it's ok. [04:16:45] http://status.wikimedia.org/ says "Static assets (CSS/JS)" is having performance issues. if that refers to bits.wm. [06:16:17] Request: GET http://git.wikimedia.org/blob/mediawiki%2Fcore.git/HEAD/resources%2Fmediawiki.page%25Fmediawiki.page.ajaxCategories.js, from via cp1043 cp1043 ([]:80), Varnish XID 2037106839 [06:16:17] Forwarded for: ::ffff:, [06:16:17] Error: 500, Internal Server Error at Sat, 14 Sep 2013 06:16:01 GMT [06:17:32] hello legoktm [06:17:39] hi [06:19:14] that's common [06:19:47] where did you get the URL from? [06:21:10] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/ResourceLoader/Default_modules#jquery.suggestions the ajaxCategories link [10:04:23] Hi. Is it possible to run git review from bastion? [10:06:07] it's not installed there [10:06:18] you could install it locally in a pinch, but it's not recommended [10:06:24] what are you trying to do? [10:07:00] submitting changes to gerrit from bastion [10:07:17] I do not have access to port 29418 from my PC [10:07:28] so I was hoping to be able to o it from bastion shell [10:07:40] do you have access to any other instances? [10:08:08] I guess I have only my default instance, not familiar yet with labs [10:08:36] I am working in mpaa@bastion1:~$ [10:08:59] bastion1 is usually only used as a jumping-point to other instances [10:09:09] other instances aren't (typically) connectable directly from the internet [10:09:29] but bastion is, for the purpose of allowing you to connect through it to other hosts [10:09:38] for that reason, it's not a great development environment [10:10:02] let me see if you've been added to any projects [10:13:29] it is quite unfortunate that they do not use port 22 for SSH to gerrit [10:14:33] yeah, not quite sure what the thinking was [10:15:34] you should be able to 'ssh piramido' now from bastion1 [10:15:42] it has git-review [10:19:32] ori-l, what is theproper syntax to ssh piramido [10:19:33] ? [10:19:47] just 'ssh piramido' shold do it [10:20:49] ori-l, o, now it works. [10:20:53] just las question [10:21:07] mm? [10:21:17] is there an easy way to move files from bastion to piramido? [10:21:36] scp somefile.foo piramido:~/ [10:21:43] thanks [10:33:15] ori-l, I can run ssh -p 29418 Mpaa@gerrit.wikimedia.org from bastion but from piramido it gives public key error, any hint? [10:35:39] generate a key on piramido and upload it to gerrit [10:36:21] thanks [10:37:06] so: run 'ssh-keygen', hit enter three times [10:37:19] cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub [10:37:26] copy and paste into gerrit via the web interface [10:38:05] then edit ~/.ssh/config [10:38:17] and add: [10:38:23] Host gerrit* [10:38:28] Hostname gerrit.wikimedia.org [10:38:32] Port 29418 [10:38:36] User Mpaa [10:38:47] IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub [10:38:54] (that's it) [10:40:10] ori-l, thanks again [10:40:53] np again [10:41:14] and good night, 3:40 AM here. [10:41:21] good night [13:46:51] Nemo_bis: Thanks for the bug link! [20:31:03] Elsie: you're welcome, but which one? :) RC/WL/eRC improvements tracking? [20:57:35] [01:31:02] Elsie: https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=53769 and added you to cc [21:01:46] ok :) [21:01:53] Elsie: so how many bugs do you have to file now [22:49:18] we have a possible issue on enwiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Village_pump_%28technical%29#Watchlist_not_showing_page_changes [22:49:31] This happened before [22:49:31] looks like the servers might be flaking out [22:54:41] the watchlist db server for enwiki (db1049) is struggling, that's why [22:55:15] hoo: why isnt that showing in maxlag [22:55:16] oh, this reminds me I have to check how the maintenance reports updates worked [22:55:45] Betacommand: Dunno, the box is probably not reporting its lag [22:56:02] I don't have access to those things either, so I can only guess here [22:57:31] maxlag is an imperfect tool for bot rate-limiting, not a way to assess SB health [22:57:34] *DB [22:58:15] Nemo_bis: its not showing lag issues onwiki at all, normally it is [22:59:22] special:contribs isnt working either [22:59:57] legoktm: Yep, db1049 as well... [23:00:48] hm, why isnt icinga complaining? [23:04:26] http://ganglia.wikimedia.org/latest/?c=MySQL%20eqiad&h=db1049.eqiad.wmnet&m=cpu_report&r=hour&s=by%20name&hc=4&mc=2 [23:28:30] Betacommand and legoktm: Don't know if anyone already filed, so reported as bug 54138 [23:28:54] see -ops [23:28:59] kk [23:37:57] https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15434#c79